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This library of historic streetcar maps of Portland will be added to as further maps are discovered, scanned, drawn or otherwise made presentable on the Web.
1904 Map
This 1904 map is based upon an original printed in the Street Railway Journal (Dec. 31, 1904 p. 1135).  It shows the Portland system a year before the amalgamation process that would become the Portland Railway, Light & Power Co.  There were two chief traction rivals in 1904, the City & Suburban Railway Co. with 67 miles of track, and the Portland Railway Company with 41 miles.
1912 Map American Map and Reproducing's Map of Portland and Vicinity was published in 1912 as the street railway system approached its peak.  Most of the country's 3rd largest narrow gauge system was in place soon thereafter as stub lines were built to new developments in Errol Heights, Murrayhead and Westover and extensions added to the Hawthorne and Mt. Tabor Lines.
1924 Map Although this map appeared in the 1924edition of  Pittmon's Portland Offical Guide the same drawing appeared from 1920-27 without updating.  Line changes continued to be made during the Portland Electric Power Co. (PEPCO) years, but they may have been too subtle to have inspired a redrawing for the pocket guide.  New routes were added, such as Municipal Terminal (1922) and the Greeley cutoff for St. Johns (1926), and existing lines were cut back or merged with other lines.  For example, Depot & Morrison became Willamette Heights and gave its downtown terminus to the Council Crest Line, and part of the 16th St. Line was joined with Williams Avenue.`
1933 Map When the 1st National Bank Guide Map appeared in 1933 the Great Depression was well under way and the Portland Traction Company's streetcar system was in decline.  A large number of lines were converted to trolley or gas bus, or simply abandoned, during 1936-37, including Beaumont, Hawthorne, Fulton, Irvington, Mt. Scott, Murraymead, Richmond, Rose City, Russell-Shaver, St. Johns, and Westover, and Woodlawn.

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