Here are a few of my studio produced pieces. Click on the titles to hear the MP3's

Baronial Music is here.

New Pieces

Adagio and Allegro for Strings

This piece is the result of a few days of studying, and being inspired by, the Corelli Concerti Grossi.

For Merideth

A NoteAlpha piece written for my mother's birthday. Scored for organ.

DG Whiteside

A NoteAlpha piece in honor of my uncle Gilbert. Scored for organ.

Longwind Fanfare, Revised

This piece was originally written around 1980, shortly after I discovered the Society for Creative Anachronism. I've reworked it a bit to help it feel more 'period'. This version features two recorders, oboe, bassoon and contnuo.

NodeBeat Dorian 1

One of the first pieces produced on my iPad, using a program called NodeBeat.

Adagio For Winds

This started out as a meditation piece on my iBlack Hole during a lull in my schedule on route one day. Synthesized orchestral winds: piccolo, flute, oboe, english horn, two clarinets, bassoon, contra bassoon, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, two trumpets, two horns, tenor and bass trombone, tuba, and percussion. 12 minutes.

Trance Dance 2

Synthesizer strings, orchestral winds, and driving 160 BPM drums. Eight and a half minutes.

Rabah's Hijaz

Rabah is an alternate persona of my brother Ross. This is another NoteAlpha piece.


The other NoteAlpha piece I did for my brother.

Music from our wedding

Entrance of the Goddess Posse

Here comes the bride was never like this! A nice groove in three with a Renaissance closer. A recorder feature with a Middle Eastern beat. This is the title track on the Goddess Posse CD.

*** Groom's Processional

Features euphoniums over a doumbek chiftetelli beat.

Meditational Music

Meditation in A minor

Bass recorder with singing bowls and drones.


Begins with a bass recorder meditation that grows into a full orchestration. Eva wrote a poem inspired by this one.

Drum Hum in F (15 minutes)

Drones on F and C with shamanic journey drumming. I made this as a meditation aid for myself because as a musician using music to meditate with is too distracting. This is available on Cd with versions for 10, 20 and 30 minute meditations. There is also a version without the drumming.

Other stuff

Shamama Eva

A NoteAlpha piece for Eva. This uses the diatonic version of the NoteAlpha system.

La Folia Variations for Brass Octet

A set of variations on the old tune/chord progression of "La Folia de Espagna" for brass octet.


NoteAlpha piece about, and featuring not one, but three, cowbells!

Paratransit Blues

Rusty Walton wrote these lyrics and wanted a recording. I arranged a Band-in-a Box backing, and added a couple of trombone parts just because.

Wood Toys

Pro Tools composition featuring my collection of wooden instruments, including a family of frog wood blocks.


String trio piece I wrote on 9/11/01.

What Dreams are These

for brass octet

This piece was developed by my NoteAlpha system, so it is quite a bit different than some of my other work. The system develops some very angular, chromatic material, so it is definitely a 21st Century work! But because it came through me, it still has my quirky bits as well.
There are four movements so this is quite a large file, a little over ten minutes of music.

Seasons of the Heartland

This is an organ version of a piece originally written for recorders. It's an introduction, to what I'm not sure yet.

Requiem for the Warriors

An eight plus minutes contemplative piece.