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April 6, 2007 UPDATE:


I recently received a notice from my M2 supplier stating that there will be a change in policy and ordering. I was informed that starting April 13th, they will be suspending the multi-level aspect of the business but I would still be able to purchase product by the case. I am a part-time distributor and cannot afford to purchase by the case so I have chosen not to continue my relationship with Miracle 2 LA.


I still believe that raising the body's alkaline level is important so I felt the need to search for another source for the Neutralizer products. Not only for myself, but for anyone reading my information and wishing to raise their pH. It was very important to me to find a product that was the same high quality as the Neutralizer I was currently using.


I purchased a bottle of the Neutralizer and soap from a different company and tested it against my current product. I found it to be highly alkaline (the pH strip immediately turned purple giving a reading of 8.0) and I feel confident that this will be an equal if not superior replacement to the product I was using.


June 7th, 2010 - UPDATE

There have been some major changes occurring with the company I get my supplies and am a distributor for. URI International sold the company to Nuriche and the new company has decided not to carry the Neutralizer and alkaline soap I've been touting for so long so I've been looking for another source to get the Neutralizer. Before I found the URI Neutralizer I used to sell the Miracle II products through Miracle 2 LA until they decided that we had to start purchasing cases of product. When Miracle 2 LA told me that I had to purchases cases of product, that's when I looked for and found the URI products. Anyway, Miracle II is the original developer/manufacturer of the neutralizer. I have not had any luck finding a source where we can purchase the neutralizer and soap at wholesale unless we purchase a case at a time. I am looking for one of the distributors where I can get my Neutralizer and soap from and will post a link once I find one.    


I received a list of the products that Nuriche has decided to keep and am very happy to learn that they decided to keep "The Feast" formulation. I take the capsules daily to help me keep my pH up. They've changed the name to "Live" for the regular and "Revive" for the energized formulations.


I recently responded to an inquiry asking me who I am so I'll share that with you too. I'm just an "average Joe" living in Lynnwood Washington working in the social service field. I would credit my alkaline path with helping me keep fairly healthy. I rarely get colds, have not had the flu since starting my alkaline journey even though I work with or around children. I believe that viruses cannot grow in an alkaline environment. I have not had health insurance since 2003 but have not had any health issues requiring a doctor's appointment (except for a knee injury.) And I'm still actively working on finding that perfect balance between alkaline food & supplements to keep my body running at optimal levels.