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Products & Samples

Update 1/12/11: I recently discovered that you can get a sample pack of the "Live" and "Revive" products for only $5.95 (to cover shipping and handling.) Each free sample pack contains: one Go Anywhere Bottle (10 grams) & two Live packets (10 grams) & three Revive packets (3 capsules/packet.) To order the sample pack simply click on this link: https://extranet.securefreedom.com/nuriche/Shopping/ShoppingCart_LoadPage.asp?OrderType=C&RepID=24335&ProdID=90100&Cat=

If you are interested in the "Live" and "Revive" products I use to help me raise my pH you can email me at felipe2mm2@frontier.com or you can click on the link above or you can go to the Nuriche website: http://www.nuriche.com my distributor number is 24335 - thank you!

Live (formally known as “The Feast”) - I was drinking a URI product called The Feast, which is now called “Live”. Since I started taking that, I know that my body is now getting the probiotics it has been missing as well as all the nutrients from the fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts that are contained within the powder. My main objective was to help raise my pH and to get the nutrients I have been missing which this product assists me with. There are two versions of the formulation: “Live” and “Revive,” the “Live” formulation doesn’t have the energizing herbs and the “Revive” formulation has the energizing herbs. I started taking The Feast regular powder then decided to change to The Feast Supercharged now known as “Revive” capsules since they are easier to take. I like the Revive formulation due to the lift I feel in the morning after taking them. After I started drinking the The Feast formulation for a while, I decided to stop drinking as much of the Neutralizer liquid I have been touting for so long since The Feast formulation is highly alkalizing which is helping me keep my pH up. Plus it gives me the nutrients my body needs and the capsules are easier to take than mixing the powder. I'm a bachelor and I know that I can't put together healthy meals at a price I can afford that contains "30 antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables, 30 powerful greens and vegetables, 11 nutrient dense seed, nuts & sprouts, 83 active enzymes & fulvic minerals, and 22 strains of resilient living probiotics" and is highly alkaline. I'm usually in a rush so I make foods that are quick to make and eat which don't include any of the items above. I'm really glad to have this product to take and am happy that Nuriche has decided to keep the formulation so I can continue taking it so my body can get the nutrients I know it is missing from my diet.