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World War II PT Boat information

I get lots of questions about my PT Boats, and I'm not very good about returning emails. So I have put some answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions on this page in the hopes of keeping most of you from having to wait for an answer to your questions. Also, if you have not already seen it, check my "PT-109 and -169 Information" page. The link is above and at the bottom of the page. I hope the information you need is here.

I have this information broken up into two categories: information on the real PT Boats, and information on modeling the PT Boats. Generally, this applies just to the 80 foot Elco PTs, because that is what I modeled.

Information on real PT Boats includes :

| Theaters of Action | Color Schemes | Armament |

Modeling tips for R/C boats include :

| details of my PT-109 & PT-169 models | Detailing Information | Propulsion Systems | Kits and General information | What I would do different | Boat Plans | Other online PT Boat Information |

Information on the real PT Boats

The information below is taken from "PT Boats in action" and "United States PT-Boats of World War II in Action." Follow the link at bottom of page, 'PT-109 and -169 Information,' for the above 2 references.

Theaters of Action

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Color Schemes

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Modeling tips for PT Boats

Detailing Information

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Propulsion systems

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Kits and General information

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What I would do different

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Boat Plans

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Other Online PT Boat Information

Below is a brief list of sites for more information on PT Boats. These will open in a new window or tab. Below is a very brief list of sites on PT Boat models. These will open in a new window or tab. Back to the Top

Updated: February 2019

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