Westonka Historical Society

Westonka Historical Society

5341 Maywood Road

Mound, MN 55364

Phone: (952) 472-9800

What’s New?

Lake Minnetonka History Organizations Collaboration Exploration Update

WHS continues its partnership with Deephaven HS, ELMHS, Mtka HS, Museum of Lake Minnetonka, and Wayzata HS to explore collaboration opportunities to continue to preserve and share the history of Lake Minnetonka. Arts Consulting Group (ACG) has completed a benchmarking study of three US historical organizations; interviews with twenty stakeholders; two virtual “town hall meetings” with twenty-six individuals and a comprehensive survey of 588 people. Next steps include the development of two operational models for further exploration and a public report on the findings of the study. Thank you to all who participated in the survey, town hall meetings and individual interviews during March and April. We are all looking forward to sharing the outcome of the next phase of this project—stand by!

Museum Artifacts Now Online

Westonka Historical Society recently completed Phase 1 of our museum inventory effort. As a result of the software we are now using for our inventory, our artifacts can now be shown online. We are showing a brief description and photo of each artifact.

Phase 1 inventory entailed the storage room of the museum, which now has been inventoried. We are currently inventorying the main museum room on Level 4 of our museum. The remainder will be completed in months to follow.

The artifacts which have been inventoried are available for online viewing immediately. The remainder will be available periodically, as we proceed with our inventory effort.

Our artifacts are displayed within a state-wide shared webpage titled: MN COLLECTIONS, sponsored by the Minnesota Alliance of Local History museums (MALHM).



Museum Hours

We are open for the public every

Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm

or by appointment.

We have an admission of  

$3 donation per visitor

to see the museum during

our open hours.

Scheduled tours by appointment

$5 per visitor.

Museum Address:

Centennial Building

​5341 Maywood Road

Mound, MN  55364

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North side of Centennial Building

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Parking is on south side of Centennial Building

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~Free & open to the public~

January 31

David Jones presents:

Prohibition: A Grand Misadventure

Back Channel Brewery

4787 Shoreline Drive,Spring Park, MN

7– 8 pm, doors open at 630 pm.

February 12

David Jones presents:

Prohibition: A Grand Misadventure

Lake Mtka Shores Community Room

4515 Shoreline Drive, Spring Park MN

11 am-Noon, doors open at 1030 am.

March 12

The Museum of Lake Minnetonka presents: When Lake Mtka Had Streetcar Boats Lake Mtka Shores Community Room

4515 Shoreline Drive, Spring Park MN

11 am-Noon.

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