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Facts on Deer Farming
Advantages of Deer Farming

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   There are so many things that need to be made aware to the public about deer farming and the opportunities that come with owning your own deer farm.  First and maybe to some of you a big surprise it is very legal in the state of West Virginia for you to have and operate a privately owned cervid farm. 
   There is so much more to Deer Farming than raising big bucks to hunting ranches. We can sell does for breed stock to other farms, we also sell fawns to zoos and other farms for breed stock. We can also sell antlers for crafts and velvet for medicines.  When we do transport our deer we always do the proper paper work so there is a constant and current paper trail for any and all deer that are sold, bought, born or died at our farms.  We never capture a deer from the wild and bring it into our deer farms, we in no way are permitted to capture fawns, does or bucks from the wild and in all reality we have no desire to do so because the genetics that we have in captivity are far superior than anything we could get from the wild.

Thunder  (Shadow Valley Deer Farm)


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