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Advantages of Deer Farming

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Advantages of Deer Farming

   Deer Farming is a great small business for someone who wants to get into farming while holding down a full time job elsewhere.  The deer need much less space and attention than traditional livestock making Deer Farming the perfect moonlighting business.
   We are still at a growing state, we are working to become a well-established industry with large markets for the products that we can provide.

    -Deer are efficient animals, they don't require   lots of feed
       -Deer are a combination of a browser/grazer which means that their feeding has moderate impact on forage.
       -They are relatively simple to manage
       -There is very little waste management or odor
       -They are very easy to be maintained on marginal farmland
       -If you have surplus land, thickets, rocky, reclaimed or what would seemingly seem "useless" land to some people it would be ideal for your new deer farm.