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Law Enforcement Training Law Enforcement Training Law Enforcement Training
"Training dedicated to the Law Enforcement Officer's Survival."

- BFI is proud to offer the latest in Law Enforcement techniques, tactics, training and more..........
- The BFI staff maintains their training, certifications and qualifications, by attending conferences, seminar's and training offered by renowned expert's and authorities in the field's of Law Enforcement/Training, Lethal Force, Self Defense and the Law.
"This allows us to bring you the most up to date training available."

ASLET Accredited
(american society of law enforcement trainers)
NRA Accredited
(national rifle association)
WSCJTC Accredited
(wa. state criminal justice training center)
LFI Accredited
(lethal force institute)
IALEFI Accredited
(international association of law enforcement firearms instructors)
USNSTA Accredited
(united states national standards in training association)

     "Gale Burton has attended several of my classes and has also assisted me in teaching LFI-I and LFI-II courses. She is a good and patient coach, a tenacious combatant and an extremely good firearms instructor. I would not hesitate to recommend her classes."
                                                                                        Massad Ayoob,
                                                 Director, Lethal Force Institute

**NOTE - All of the courses offered on this page, are for Law Enforcement &                  Security personnel ONLY!  Employment will be verified.

Law Enforcement Training:

     - Firearms
     - Shotgun
     - Edged Weapons
     - Unarmed Defensive Tactics

     - Kubaton
     - Monodnock Persuader
     - Aerosol Restraint
     - Handcuffing Tactics
     - Collapsible Baton
     - Tactical Flashlight

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Officer Survival Training:

     - Street Survival & Tactics
     - Judicious Use of Deadly Force & The Survival Mindset
     - Weapons Retention & Disarming
     - Post Shooting Trauma
     - Physio-Psychological Aspects of Violent Encounters
     - Knife/Counter Knife & Surviving Edged Weapons
     - Advanced Defensive Tactics

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Instructor Certification Courses:

     - Aerosol Restraint Instructor

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     **Officer's, if you have any requests for training not shown here, please call or E-mail us with your request(s). Thanks.

Stay Safe, and..... DON'T FORGET YOUR VEST!
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- BFI does not offer Tactical SWAT training -

Law Enforcement Training
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Law Enforcement Training
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