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Standing Committees and Special Committees currently active in North Carolina:

The North Carolina State Council Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. strives to:


  • Foster, encourage, and promote the improvement of the condition of the Vietnam-era veterans
  • Promote physical and cultural improvement, growth and development; self-respect; self-confidence, and usefulness of Veterans
  • Eliminate discrimination suffered by Veterans and to develop channels of communications, which will assist Vietnam-era veterans to maximize self-realization and enrichment of their lives and enhance life-fulfillment
  • Study on a non-partisan basis, proposed legislation, rules or regulations introduced in any federal, state or local legislative or administrative body which may affect the social, economic, educational, or physical welfare of the Veteran
  • Develop public policy proposals designed to improve the quality of life of the Vietnam-era veteran and others especially in the areas of employment, education, training, and health
  • Conduct and publish non-partisan research, pertaining to the relationship between Vietnam-era veterans and the American society, the Vietnam war experience, the role of the Unites States in securing peaceful co-existence for the world community, and other matters which affect the social, economic, educational, or physical welfare of the Vietnam-era veteran or others
  • Assist disabled and needy war veterans including, but not limited to, Vietnam-era veterans and their dependents, and the widows and orphans of deceased veterans**
    **Strategic Plan of the North Carolina State Council of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.

This is accomplished through the efforts of various committees which include, but are not limited to:

Finance Committee
Committee Reminder
  • Annual Financial Chapter reports due to National Office annually by 15 July.  Please forward a copy to the NC State Council treasurer prior 30 April. 
  • Household goods reports are due to the state treasurer at the end of February and August.

ETABO Committee
  • Recommend update for ETABO Guide
  • Need to have direct link to ETABO on home page
  • Need to include local NC ESC employment website access--not just endorse exclusive site

NC Employment Security Commission website:


POW-MIA Committee
  • Please remember recently returned MIAs--Ralph Joseph Reno & Donald Monroe Shue
  • Returned remains are being identified through dental DNA; if you have a family member MIA (in any US war) consider submitting DNA for identification of remains 
  • Book/Listing of MIA from North Carolina, with bios available from Committee Chair
  • Get POW/MIA updates at


VSO (Veteran Service Officer)
Committee Report
  • 2 active VVA Veteran Service Officers
  • 276 cases resolved in addition to 300 being processed in past

National Course for Veterans Service Officers being held in Feb 2010.  Contact state President for application.

PTSD Committee
Committee Report

Government/Legislative Affairs Committees
  • Contact your local, state, & federal legislators about veterans concerns
  • National has links to federal legislation and voting records of legislators 
  • Be alert to news reports of events affecting veterans
  • POW / MIA plaques, carved from wood are available from the NC Government Affairs Chair
  • Blue water / brown water Vietnam Veterans Claims are being re-examined for several ships -- check with Committee Chair for list

Minority Affairs Committee
Committee Report

Public Affairs Committee
  Committee Report
  • Remember to Participate in local / regional programs honoring veterans, especially Veterans Day
  • Fayetteville is planning a 2011 Veterans Day program with the hopes of hosting veterans from the entire state
  • Encouraged to submit Chapter community involvement activities to The Veteran

Benefits Committee
Committee Report
  • Information available on "blue-water" Agent Orange issues; including non-hodgkins lymphoma
  • Caregivers of Veterans resource developed & available from chair

Membership Affairs
Veterans Benefits
Nominating Committee
Women Veterans
Minority Affairs
Constitution Committee
Homeless Veterans
Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA)-see AVVA page in index at left

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