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What can I recycle?

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What can I recycle?
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Most recycling is accepted FREE OF CHARGE, with some items having a fee, as noted. Recyclables must be clean and tidy to be accepted.

Items accepted free:
Plastics, #1 and #2, rinsed (numbers usually on bottom of container)
Plastic 6 pack rings
Aluminum cans
Tin cans, rinsed (any steel can such as soup, etc.)
Glass bottles and jars, rinsed (clear, green and brown)
Newspapers, bundled with twine or in brown PAPER grocery bags, dry
Paperboard (cardboard such as cereal boxes) MUST be flattened
Cardboard, corrugated (not waxed) MUST be flattened
Batteries, clean and dry (any household, car, mower, etc, includes rechargables)
Cell phones
Ink cartridges
Mercury (includes flourescent bulbs, fever thermometers, etc.)
Flourescent light bulbs
Motor Oil (limit to 5 gallons per visit)
Oil Filters
Household Hazardous Waste - take to the Marengo Site (such as old paint thinner, sprays, etc.)
Scrap Metal:
Metal scrap or items may be disposed of at the metal dumpster at the Marengo Site at no charge, with permission from the site coordinator. Wire or fencing is not accepted. The Marengo site coordinator MUST see your items before you dump them.
Items requiring a small fee:
Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Freezers, $10 (accepted only at Marengo Site)
Other appliances $5 (accepted only at Marengo Site)
Tires $1.25 for a car tire. For larger tires, prices vary. (accepted at any site. Please take large amounts to Marengo Site.)
Computers, Monitors, Printers $5 each (accepted at any site)
TV's- $5 to $10
Small electronics- $2
Please understand that your recyclables must be clean and tidy when you bring them. The site coordinator will assist you with sorting your recyclables and will let you know if you need to do something differently on your next visit.

Reduce, reuse and recycle!