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What can I do with my e-waste in Crawford County? 
Crawford County Solid Waste District takes e-waste for recycling at all three of our recycling sites, and will continue to offer this service to residents. Some items are taken for free, while others have a small fee.
Indiana's New E-Waste Regulations:
"Beginning January 1, 2011, Indiana households, public schools, and small businesses will no longer be able to mix unwanted computer monitors, computers, televisions, printers, computer peripherals (such as keyboards and mice), DVD players, video cassette recorders or fax machines with municipal waste that is intended for disposal at a landfill or intended for disposal by burning or incineration." - More info for residents and businesses can be found at:
All of the above-mentioned e-waste is accepted at the Solid Waste District. We also take cell phones, mobile devices and electronic games. 
E-waste may be taken to any of the 3 recycling sites within the county. We request that large screen or cabinet-style TV's be taken to the Marengo Site.
If you have an unlisted item, please call the main office at 812-338-2728 to ask about your item.
Did you know?
Electronics contain several hazardous heavy metals such as hexavalent chromium, mercury, and lead. By recycling electronics, you help keep these substances out of our landfills!