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Chester Township contains five cemeteries.  Three are township cemeteries and two are church cemeteries.  Also, many Chester Township residents are buried in cemeteries in neighboring townships:  Lisbon Cemetery in Sparta Township, Kent County; Ravenna Cemetery in the village of Ravenna, Muskegon County; and St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Wright Township, Ottawa County.


Links to the burials in each cemetery are located at the bottom of this page.

Township Cemeteries

Bennett Cemetery:  Established in 1864 and located on 24th Avenue between Truman and Sherman Streets.  (4 people with the surname Bennett are buried in Bennett Cemetery.)

Big Springs Cemetery:  Established in 1853 and located on Wilson Street between 16th and 24th Avenues.


McNitt Cemetery:  Established in 1854 and located on 40th Avenue between Coolidge and Gooding Streets. (8 people with the surname McNitt are buried in McNitt Cemetery.)



Church Cemeteries

St. Francis Xavier Cemetery:  Established in 1892 and located on Gooding Street between 16th and 24th Avenues.

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery:  Established in1868 and located on Harding Street between 8th and 16th Avenues.

In examining the cemetery records, it is interesting to note that in all of the cemeteries, the earliest recorded burials are older than the date the cemetery was established.  It is not known if these earliest graves contain the remains of persons who were buried somewhere else and moved to the cemetery after it was established, or if there simply is a marker on an empty grave.


Some graves could be located on private property.  Only one such grave is known.  Louisa I. Pfeiffer, daughter of Joseph and Olive (Holmes) Pfeiffer, died as a young child, some time after 1884, and was buried on her parents property located on Coolidge Street between 24th and 32nd Avenues.  Two lilac bushes, planted at the head of her grave, were the only markers for the grave.

Bennett Cemetery Burials

Big Springs Cemetery Burials

McNitt Cemetery Burials

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Burials

St. Francis Xavier Cemetery Burials

Chester Township
Ottawa County
Michigan, USA