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Because of the large number of family photos, it is not possible to display them all on one web page.  Please click on a link below to view pictures of that family.

Frederick Jacob Ade Family

Nicholas Arends Family

Nicholas Armock Family

The Family of Samuel Arnold

Samuel Holenbeck Averill Family

Elijah H. Baragar Family

David Batson Family

Joseph Bean Family

James H. Benton Family

Johann Wolfgang Beuschel Family

John Boozer Family

Bola Borgman Family

Robert Oscar Brevitz Family

Russell Bunce Family

Wilhelm Burgtorf Family

Arnold Chase Family

Charles K. Courtade Family

Henry Creager Family

Leon Cribley Family

Solon Daggett Family

Jacob Denhof Family

Ephraim Devenport Family

Joseph Dietrich Family

Christian Dinkel Family

Shadrack B. Doane Family

Henry Emmons Family

Phillip Fahling Family

Edward Field Family

Jacob Finkler Family

Joseph Fitchett Family

Michael Frank Family

Jacob Gilbert Family

Thomas Gillhespy Family

James Arthur Halpin Family

Henry Hendershot Family

George Irish Family

Thomas Jablonski Family

John K. Kaufman Family

Edward J. Kelly, Sr. Family

John M. Kleider Family

Anthony Klein Family

John Knepper Family

Conrad Kraft Family

Michael Krueger Family

Adam Lachmann Family

Aaron McClain Sr. Family

Daniel John McNitt Family

Amos Merrick Family

Joseph Miller Family

Mathias Mines Family

Isaac Modeland Family

William Thomas Morley Family

Elmer Myers Family

Karl F. Peters Family

Jessie Peugh Family

Lewis Pierce Family

George F. Porter Family

Rueben I. Preston Family

George Jacob Reister Family

John C. Rhodes Family

John Ritz Family

Moses M. Rogers Family

Oliver Rosel Family

Benjamin Rosenberg Family

Phillip Schaefer Family

Frank Schmuker Family

John F. Schnack Family

Peter Schwartz Family

Jacob Shiffler Family

Abraham G. Stauffer Family

Warren Streeter Family

Johann Theobald Omlor (Umlor) Family

Edward Wagner Family

William G. Waller Family

Oliver Henry Williams Family

Charles Witt Family

William A. Wright Family

Nicholas A. Zimmer Family

If you have any family photos, letters, postcards, stories or newspaper articles that you would like to see added to this web page, please contact Jo Kelly at

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