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Rev. John Schnack



Rev John Fred Schnack was born on 11 February 1889 to Gustav Fred Schnack and Anna Maria Scharmeryer in Quincy, Illinois.  Rev. Schnack's father, being a teacher understood the value of a good education and so made sure that his son attended 8 years of parochial elementary school. 

Rev. Schnack attended high school and college at Concordia, Milwaukee from 1903 to 1909 and from there began his theological studies at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri from 1909 to 1912.


On 14 July 1912, he was ordained into the holy ministry at St. James Lutheran Church, in Quincy.


Rev. Schnack and Caroline E. Schwartz (b. 18 August 1893) entered into the estate of holy marriage on 31 August 1913 in Conklin, Michigan.  Their marriage was blessed with five children: Norbert (who died in infancy); Carl John; Evelyn Mae; Marian Katherine; and Aldo Emil.


Rev. Schnack served his entire ministry here in Illinois beginning at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Burton, Illinois on 21 July 1912.  On 11 July 1915 he was installed as pastor here at Zion, Hampton.  While here, he served as a chaplain at one of the local hospitals.


A call to shepherd the flock at St. John Lutheran Church in Secor, Illinois (and also St. Paul Lutheran Church, El Paso, Illinois) took him from our midst in 1927.


From here, Rev. Schnack  concluded his ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church, Edwardsville, Illinois, accepting their call in late 1950 (Installed 5 November 1950).


Rev. Schnack realized that the church extended beyond the local congregation and, therefore, was extremely active in the Central Illinois District.  He served as a member of the publicity committee from 1929 to 1931, as a visitor for both the Peoria (1933-1936) and Bloomington Circuits (1937, 1942-1946) of our district.  Rev. Schnack was also secretary for the Central Illinois District Walther League.


Following his retirement on 1 September 1958, he continued to serve as supply pastor at Trinity, Edwardsville, Illinois.


Rev. Schnack  died on 15 April 1962 in Edwardsville and was buried there.



*Zion Lutheran Church, History, April 15, 2004,


Chester Township
Ottawa County
Michigan, USA