Family Centered Therapy

We know that you, the parents and caregivers, have the greatest influence over your child’s future.  We understand that your family has its unique set of values and beliefs and that your child has his/her own strengths and challenges.  In order to ensure that we are meeting your child’s individual needs, you and your therapist will work together to develop a therapy contract that best fits your child’s needs.  Then, you will be included in the therapy sessions, according to that therapy contract.

We will offer you research-based information, describe the reasons why we are using various strategies, and we will encourage you to share your ideas and perspective.  As an active part of the therapeutic process, you will play a central role in the learning process.  You will develop an excellent understanding of how you can support and encourage your child to use his/her new skills in his/her real life.  As a team, you and the SLP will continue to build on your child’s success to provide the “just right challenge”.