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This website is first and foremost published to make available free resources to music teachers.  Use anything published on this site as needed, but please consider making a small donation to the Paris Illinois St. Mary’s School Music Program.  Contact information is listed below.


To contact Joe Gill for questions or more information about the files on this website please email


Simple edits to the files on this site are available at a nominal cost (usually under $25).  The vast majority of the pdf files on this site were created with MSWord2003 and/or the Coda Music Finale music notation software (versions 2001 through 2011).  Those original files are also offered for sale so you can make your own edits.  Pricing varies depending upon the file.  Please email me for more information.  Be exact in your inquiry.  Copy and paste the URL of the worksheet in your email.  This will reduce my time AND your cost. 


I can also create a worksheet, warm-up chorale or band arrangement for your ensemble to your specifications.  There are limits to my offerings.  Email me for more information.



To make a donation to the music program at St. Mary’s School:


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St. Mary’s Catholic School

Attn: Julie Davidson, Principal

507 Connelly

Paris, IL  61944


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