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These are the instructions I give to my students:

Working with the rhythm worksheets on this page is a great way to build and reinforce your counting skills.  We all know that pitches are important, but playing those pitches at the right time is the key to successful performance.  Begin by reading the "Instructions for Rhythm Worksheets."  To get the most out of these worksheets you should:

  • Begin with Rhythm Worksheet No. 1 and pencil in the counting according to instructions
  • "Clap and count" each line
  • Play each line on your instrument using a single note or the notes from a scale of your choice.  Change pitches at each barline.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask at your next lesson.


You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the worksheets on this page.


Most of these worksheets have a “St. Mary’s School Band” heading.  Feel free to white-out the heading.  If you would like a copy of the original file in order to edit the heading and contents of the worksheet or if you wish to have me edit the worksheet to your specifications, use the contact link to communicate your need.

Instructions for Rhythm Worksheets

Rhythm Worksheet No. 1

Rhythm Worksheet No. 2 (eighth notes)

Rhythm Worksheet No. 3 (dotted quarter notes)

Rhythm Worksheet No. 4 (syncopation)

Scale Rhythm Sheet - Part I

Scale Rhythm Sheet - Part II

Basic Scale Rhythm Sheet (duet form)

Advanced Scale Rhythm Sheet


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