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     The love of the Southwest brought me to my distinctive style, inspired by the landscapes and the people since my first visit. As fate would have it, I found myself living in that very region, working as a graphic designer and illustrator for 11 years.
Faceless; to add to the mystery of an amazing group of people. They are not necessarily one people or place, it is often a combination.
Women with those few strands of hair; as if flowing in a gentle breeze, majestic mountain silhouettes, bright blue skies. Calming, surreal and meaningful works of art.
     I use a wide range of media including watercolor, acrylic and computer design to achieve my highly stylized and bold, bright colored artwork. I'm always trying out new media. Right now I'm working with paper to create a more dimensional verison of my works.
     A graduate of what is now the Miami Valley Career Training Center and the School of Advertising Art, I have worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 17 years, winning many Associated Press and New Mexico Press Association awards for my design work and illustrations.
     My work has been displayed in several galleries including Gallery 15 in New Mexico and Rutledge Gallery in Dayton, Ohio, juried shows around Ohio as well as private collections. 
   My designs are available as original pieces, notecards,
t-shirts, prints, or just about anything you can think of.
     Currently I design and paint out of my home in Brookville, Ohio were I reside with my husband George and daughter Jenna.
     All work copyrighted by the artist.

7728 Sweet Potato Ridge Road, Brookville, Ohio 45309
937-884-5176 * Email: jelamdesign@frontier.com

Copright 2010 Elam Design, Jodi Elam, artist