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Ya' at' eeh
My artwork stems from a long-time love of the Southwest and Native America. The colors, warmth and simplicity have fascinated me since my first trip to the Southwest. I had the opportuniy to live in New Mexico for 11 years, which granted me the chance to appreciate the wonder of the Southwest first-hand.
I offer my designs not only as original acrylic and watercolor pieces, but as notecards, prints, t-shirts, sweatshirts, checkbook covers and just about anything else I can think of. Even if you don't have the wall space you can still own one of my unique pieces.
I look forward to doing business with you.
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Jodi Elam
Jodi Elam
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I'm always adding new art, so be sure to check the portfolio pages often - you never know what new pieces will be there!
I've recently started a blog! Check it out at www.elamdesign33.blogspot.com and follow me!

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7728 Sweet Potato Ridge Road, Brookville, Ohio 45309
937-884-5176 * Email: jelamdesign@frontier.com
 Living Drums Co. - Native American Arts and Crafts - Retail welcome!

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