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General Pricing
The following is a listing for products I generally have on hand. I can put any design on any of these products. For prices on originals and commissions contact me.
Merchant Accounts Accepted

(8 cards/8 envelopes)
$7.50. I have a set of mixed cards that includes 9 designs and 9 envelopes for $8.50
11x14 Matted Prints
8.5x11 Prints
5x7 Prints
5x7 Matted Prints


8x10 Framed


5x7 Framed


Checkbook Covers
(For regular and duplicate checks)



$11.00. S, M, L and XL. Children's sizes and larger sizes also available


$20.00. S, M, L and XL. Children's sizes and larger sizes also available.


$15.00 (set of 4)

12 oz. Mugs

$12.00 (Microwave and dishwasher safe)





Scoop Neck Fancy Tees
(These are more fitted for ladies and look more tailored)

(Available in S, M, L and XL)

Payment Methods
If you are interested in purchasing anything on this site, you may do so by emailing me at jelamdesign@frontier.com or you can also call 937-884-5176 to make an order over the phone. I accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.
Special Orders
For originals, commissions as well as orders over $20, a deposit of 50% may be required before work can begin. The deposit will be subtracted for the total cost of the purchase. The deposit will not be returned on items not paid for within 30 days of completion. All sales are final. The arstist reserves all copyrights to images and designs. Images may notbe reproduced without written concent.

Privacy Policy
Contact information including email address, telephone number, address, etc. which is provided by the user is used solely for the purpose of completing the order. This includes information pertaining to gift recipients.

7728 Sweet Potato Ridge Road, Brookville, Ohio 45309
937-884-5176 * Email: jelamdesign@verizon.net

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