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Naruto Randomness!

I had writers block and nobody sent me in anymore fics, so now this is the Naruto Randomness section.

Randomness 1- Is Sasuke's hair black, blue, blue black, or black blue?  Maybe it's just really shiny black...
Randomness 2- What happens when Gaara gets sand in his pants?  Does he flip out or just say, "Not again."?
Randomness 3- Is ShikaxTema really gonna happen?  That sound stupid to me.
Randomness 4- Then again, so does ShikaxIno.
Randomness 5- And- get this- there's a whole site dedicated to...wait for it...SHIKAxSAKU!  OMG!  that's crazy....
Randomness 6- I found another one... *groans*  ShikaxKure...that is just messed up!  She's like, twice his age!
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