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Er, The Nothing Page

Er, I couldn't think of anything to write, so I just made this the nothing page.  Whenever it strikes me to write here,  I will.  Also, if anyone knows how to put youtube on this thing, tell me.  Just check out the contact page.  Thx

Er, couldn't think of anything to write here, so I just decided to make it the nothing page.  Or how about the ridiculous page.  Or the shoutouts page.  Or the blah, blah blah, blah....(don't I ever shut up? Geez...) is my band concert...well, I wouldn't exactly say I'm a band geek, but I actually know all the parts of my instrument by name, and instead of "reeds" I call them "Mitchells" or in this case "Ricos".  We also don't say the full name of the songs we play, we just say "Saints" (When The Saints Come Marching In) AND STUFF DARN YOU CAPS LOCK like that.  Sorry, I do that CAPS LOCK thing all the time.  I accidentally hit the caps lock instead of shift (or in rare cases, "a") and don't realize it because I don't look at the screen while I type (which I know is stupid, thank you very much.).  And then I look up and realize it and type DARN YOU CAPS LOCK out of nowhere.  I am just rambling on and on and on.  I am also waiting for my old camera to warm up... IT IS TAKING DARN YOU CAPS LOCK forever!!!  Grr... I changed the battery, I put in new film, and it won't work!!!  GRRR!!!  Ooh...pretty light...*snaps out of it*  FLASH!  OW!  MY EYES!!!!!  I JUST TOOK A PICTURE OF MY FACE UP CLOSE!!!  I'm blind!!!  BLIND, I TELL YOU, BLIND!! AJGAHAFDKJGHKLJFGHLKJDHFLDKGJDLRKJFKLJ  Okay, I can see now...owch...


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