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I know this is supposed to be a Neji fansite, but today I came to edit it and absolutely none of the pages had Neji on them.  Of course, the web address will still be /neji, because I couldn't change that, but the rest of the site will be about the other characters in the show.  Sorry if this caused any inconveniences.  AHHH!  NEJI FANGIRLS!!!  I'M SORRY, OKAY!!!  THEY'RE GONNA EAT ME!!!  Sorry, I just HAD to do that!

Hi!!!  Once again (so the fangirls don't eat me), I am sorry that I changed from Neji to Naruto, but *sniff* OH GOD!  I STILL SMELL LIKE BUG SPRAY!  *takes shower* Ahhhh...shower fresh.  BUT, once my mind makes itself up, there is nothing I can do about it.

Well, I haven't been able to find many good pics of Neji, let alone ANYBODY, except for the few I already had, so if anyone has found a site with tons of 'em, again, email me at  Because of the lack of pics, I may post some of the other Naruto pics I found while surfing the web.  Anyway, have a great day and stop here often!


Isn't Neji awesome?
Isn't Neji Awesome?
Personally, I think so.

What's New?

Nothing's new...*shifty eyes* whaddya mean I look nervous?  I'm not nervous...*bites fingernails* I said I'm not nervous!  Quit looking at me like that O_o You're freaking me out, dude...
Something's New Today!  June 9 (i think)- Through the Sky and Into Your Arms is being updated!  First chapter will be published today!
Something's New Today!  June 10- Chapter 2 of Through the Sky and Into Your Arms will be published today!  Also, I picked up some new pics, so check out the Naruto Pics page.
Something's New Today!  June Something-Or-Other- Another chapter will be published today...O_o's uh...june 30, and nothing is new....i think...

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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