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ACS Systems
Sacramento, CA
(916) 338-2500

C64-to-Plus/4 power supply converter.

Antigrav Toolkit      verified
P.O. Box 426074
Cambridge, MA  02142-0008
Web page:

"KeyDOS ROM v2": a plug-in chip for the C128 and C128-D, giving extra capabilities. Can also be installed in the REU's empty socket.

Includes enhanced function key, BASIC, graphics and disk commands. Compatible with JiffyDOS, Quick Brown Box, CS-DOS and the SmartWatch. Comes with support utility disk. $32.50.

Website also contains other Commodore software and Randy's articles from GeoWorld magazine.

9323 W. Evans Creek Rd.
Rogue River, OR  97537
(541) 582-2120
Fax:  (541) 582-2149
Web page:

Minimodem-C24 C64/128 modems, expansion port devices, and RS-232 interfaces.

Call them for full descriptions of these items and their prices.

BayCom            updated
Johannes Kneip, DG3RBU
Bergstr. 15
01465 Liegau Augustusbad
Tel.: ++49 3528 414277
FAX:  ++49 3528 414278
Web page:

US contact:
Tigertronics Inc.
400 Daily Lane
P.O. Box 5210
Grants Pass, OR  97527-0210

Packet/HAM radio hardware and software for Commodore 64 and IBM.

Commodore-specific sections of their website: Overview and FAQ.

Brown Boxes, Inc.
26 Concorde Rd.
Bedford, MA  01730

"The Quick Brown Box": battery backed-up memory expansion cartridges, and utility and support programs for them.

Click Here Software/Maurice Randall       updated
426 Sumpter St.
P.O. Box 606
Charlotte, MI  48813
1-866-CMDRKEY (1-866-263-7539)
BBS:  The Speed Zone (517) 322-2386
Web page:

New owner of Creative Micro Designs' product line.

Turbo232 modem interface for C64 and C128 computers. Allows you to connect a standard external modem to your Commodore, with support for up to 230,400 bps. $39.95 plus S&H.

JiffyDOS enhancement that improves disk access speed tremendously. Available for all C64/C64C/C64SX and C128/C128D computers, and for all Commodore-brand drives and most compatible drives. To get the most benefit out of JiffyDOS, chips in the computer and drive should be replaced as a set.

See also their entry in the National Dealers section and the Software section.

Nate Dannenberg         updated
Web page:

Nate's Commodore 8-bit Website offers a variety of hardware projects and support programs. Some of these projects include: an interface for the Connectix QuickCam, a Tower conversion for a C128-DCR, the 8BSS stereo sampler, and PowerSID, which provides up to 8 SID chips and MP3 decoding.

DEVCOM        updated
P.O. Box 1013
64 Valle Escondido
Sandia Park, NM  87047
(505) 681-8738
Web page:

Packet/HAM radio hardware and software for Commodore 64, VIC-20 and IBM. Also handles 2-way radios, general electronic items, and more.

Adam Dunkels new
Web page:

"The Final Ethernet" cartridge for the C64. Allows a C64 to connect to an Ethernet local area network. Also see the website for details on how TFE is being used as a real-time streaming audio server.

See the Software section for details on "Contiki" operating system with Internet web browser.

Electronix Express    updated
365 Blair Rd.
Avenel, NJ  07001
1-800-972-2225  or  (732) 381-8020
Web page:

Electronic components, including Commodore chips, keyboards, and more.

Herbach & Rademan
16 Roland Ave.
Mt. Laurel, NJ  08054
Sales: 1-800-848-8001
Info:  (609) 802-0422
Fax:   (609) 802-0465
Web page:

New C128D internal power supplies: #TM93PWS2356, 3 for $2.95.

Jameco    verified
1355 Shoreway Rd.
Belmont, CA  94002-4100
Orders:   1-800-831-4242  or  (650) 592-8097
Fax:      1-800-237-6948 -- U.S.
          (650) 592-2503 -- International
Web page:

ICs, cables, hardware, accessories, etc. for Commodore, Amiga, IBM and Mac.

Paxtron Corporation

(Paxtron sold their stock to Centsible Software.)

Glen Pearce     verified
362 Kent Rd.
Winipeg, MB  R2L 1Y1
Web page:

Touch Tone Decoder for the C64/VIC-20. $37.50 U.S. funds or $50.00 Canadian funds.

For more info go to the website or mail 50 cents to cover postage. (I will mail a printout of the web page.)

Tomas Pribyl and Josef Soucek   updated

Web page:

IDE64 Project: an interface to connect IDE hard drives to the C64's and C128's expansion port. Available through GO64! magazine and other dealers.

Redmond Cable     updated
15331 NE 90th St.
Redmond, WA  98052
(425) 882-2009
Fax:  (425) 883-1430
Web page:

Cables for many systems and peripherals: USB, SCSI, parallel, serial, monitors, keyboards, game systems, disk drives, hard drives, modems, printers, Commodore, Amiga, Apple II, Atari, IBM, Macintosh, Nintendo, Sega and Sony.

Can also make custom cables for you, and has bulk cable, connectors, switch boxes, etc.

Dave Ross       new

PlayStation 2 joystick adapter for the C64/128. Contact him via e-mail for more information.

SGP, Inc.
838 S. Weldon
Beulah, MI  46917
(616) 882-4079

(Formerly The Soft Group). Video Byte II color digitizer, Video Mate graphic conversion cartridge, and Super Explode graphics cartridge.

Call or write for more information.

Dale Sidebottom      verified
P.O. Box 303
New Albany, IN  47151-0303
(812) 944-9132

CD-ROM Commander 64 and CD-ROM Commander 128: allows a Commodore to take IBM files from a CD-ROM. $25.00

See his entry in the Software M-Z section for details on the Laser Lover's Disk.

The SuperCPU Home      updated
Web page:

The SuperCPU Home page, presented by "MacGyver/DMAgic". This page has details on CMD's SuperCPU accelerator, games and demos that have been adapted to work with the SuperCPU, and tools for the SuperCPU.

X10 USA        verified
91 Ruckman Rd., Box 420
Closter, NJ  07624
(201) 784-9700
Fax: (201) 784-9464
Web page:

Manufacturers of home automation hardware: lamp and chime modules, appliance and universal modules, plug-in controllers, timers, wireless wall switches, and telephone and computer interfaces. The CP290 Home Computer Interface comes with software and connecting cable for Commodore, Apple, IBM or Mac.

Check their web site for Canadian, European and Hong Kong distributors.

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