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Magazines & Books

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Abacus - Atticware - Donald Ayers - Brantford Educational Services - Classic Computing - Craig Bruce - Commodore Gazette - Commodore Zone - Complete Console - CPU Magazine - CSW Verlag (GO64!) - Driven - Earl-Y Designs (The Infinite Loop) - The GEOS Publication - Karl Hildon - Historical Computer Society - J & F Publishing (Loadstar) - JMV Grafix - Meeting 64/128 Users Through The Mail - Midwest MicroByte - Dave and Sherri Moorman - Parsec - Peachpit Press, Inc. - Powell's Technical Bookstore - William Robblets - SAMS Techncial Publishing (Howard W. Sams & Co.) - VideoCam Services - Vision

Abacus           updated
5130 Patterson SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49512
(616) 698-0330
Fax:  (616) 698-0325
Web page:

Specializes in books for Commodore computers ("Anatomy of the 1541", "GEOS Inside & Out", etc.).

610 First St.
Liverpool, NY  13088
(315) 451-4710

Sells software and hardware, and publishes "The Gatekeeper" bi-monthly magazine.

1 year (6 issues): $14.95
2-issue subscription (the preferred subscription rate): $4.95

Donald Ayers
75 State Rd 270W
Sturgis, KY  42459

The "Grassroots" series of disks:

Grassroots #1: Information on Commodore hardware that is custom-tailored to each person ordering it, based on what they own.

GR Companion: Covers Commodore software, program building, and telecommunications.

GR Editor: A "mentor" program for short story and novel editing.

Grassroots #1: $3.00. GR Companion and GR Editor together: $7.00.

Craig S. Bruce         updated
Web page:

Hosts the C=Hacking magazine and The Transactor Online Archive, two magazines that present excellent technical information on Commodore computers.

See his entry in the Software section for information on his programs.

Classic Computing Press        updated
1 Oakleigh Court
Richmond, VA  23233
(941) 283-9206
Web page:

"Classic Computing" magazine (formerly "Historically Brewed") covers computers of many different types that have appeared during the years: DEC PDP-8, Kaypro, Altair, video game systems (Atari 2600, Intellivision, etc.), Commodore, etc.

Complete Console
1190 Upper Ottawa St. #49
Hamilton, Ontario  L8W 1T8

"Commodore Fever": a quarterly "maga(fan)zine dedicated 100% to the Commodore 64". Comes with a cover disk that contains games, utilities, etc.

Subscriptions: $22.00 US per year.
Single issue: $6.00 US

Commodore Gazette     updated
c/o Christopher Ryan
5296 Devonshire Road
Detroit, MI  48224
(313) 885-5311

Commodore Gazette will be ending publication at the end of 2003, so no new subscriptions are being accepted. Back issues in 1541 or 1581 format will always be available and can be purchased. Decision of publication ending MAY change later during 2003.

$15 for a 1-year set of back issues, $25 two-year set, $30/3-year set, $35/4-year set, $40/5-year set.
       Specify years you are ordering. Individual issues (11 disks or less) are $1.50 each (includes shipping). Specify month(s) and year when ordering 11 issues or less. (Premiere issue is October 1995, final issue is Oct-Dec.2003, if deciding to end at that time.)
       ***** ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING. Make check or money order (in USA funds) payable to CHRISTOPHER RYAN.

NOTE: On the Feb.1997-Oct.1997 issues, you will get 1541 disk format only because of demos from Germany work on these type of disks only. Any issues from Oct.1995 to May.1996 are only available in 1541 format but may soon be converted to 1581 format.

Overall content of Commodore Gazette: Jim Green PD Programs & Games, Programs from Kenneth Barsky, various games and programs mostly for C-64. Older issues include programs for the C-128, VIC-20, Plus/4 & C-16. Demos from Germany (January-October 1997 issues), items for sale and Commodore news/information.

Commodore Zone (UK)    new
14 Glamis Close
Garforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 2NQ, United Kingdom
Web page: 

Commodore Scene, a full-color magazine published six times a year. Each year's subscription also comes with a binder to store the year's issues in. Coverdisks for each issue are also available.

1-year Subscriptions -- postal mail:
UK £15 (no disks), £18 (with disks)
EU £21 (no disks), £24 (with disks)
WORLD £27 or US$39 (no disks), £30 or US$44 (with disks)

1-year Subscriptions -- e-mail:
UK £10 ~ EU £14 ~ WORLD £18 or US$26
(You still receive a binder, but printing the issues and putting the files onto disk will be your responsibility.)

See the website for payment options.

Commodore Zone    verified
34 Portland Rd.
Droitwich, Worcestershire, England,  WR9 7QW

Web page: -- main page
 -- ordering & back issue info

Commodore Zone is a paper-based magazine devoted to supporting the C64. Each issue comes in the form of an A5 booklet which is centre stapled and has a laminated coloured card cover. The mag features a variety of different features including news, game and PD reviews, interviews with C64 celebs, programming features and much, much more.

CPU Magazine       updated
Thomas Gosser
PO Box 101615
Anchorage, AK., 99510-1615,
Web page:

"CPU Magazine". Subscriptions: 1 year (6 issues): $20.00 US, $24.00 Canada/Mexico, $30.00 European EC Countries. All amounts in US Dollars.

"ChromeMag" GEOS/Wheels disk magazine.

TRG Publications also has slideshow disks for 1581 drives with a SuperCPU. See their website for details.

CSW Verlag          updated
Goethestraße 22
D-71364 Winnenden
Phone/Fax:  +49 (0) 71 95/6 11 20
Web page:

"GO64!/Commodore World", a monthly magazine with cover disk from Germany. Starting with the August 1999 issue, an English version will be available. Three issue trial subscription: 18 Euros (approx $21.00 US.). Full one-year subscription: 64 Euros (approx. $74.00 US). See the web page for ordering information.

Driven        verified
Web page:

An on-disk magazine dedicated to the demo scene. Also available via the Corrosion of Conformity BBS at (905) 385-8014, or via Internet FTP: Then go into the /pub/cbm/c64/magazines directory.

Web browser shortcut:

Earl-Y Designs     new
P.O. Box 746
Grand Junction, CO  81502
Phone/Fax:  (970) 245-2961
Web page:

"The Infinite Loop" full-color newsletter magazine, published monthly.

Yearly subscriptions (all prices are in U.S. Dollars):
$21.00 - U.S
$26.00 - Canada, Mexico
$36.00 - All EC countries $49.00 - other worldwide addresses

See also their entry in the Supplies area for details on their t-shirts.

The GEOS Publication         updated
915 Trout Lane
Shelbyville, KY  40065-9531
Web page:

"GEOS Publication" is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to promoting GEOS and its many utilities, enhancements and applications.

$15.00/year US, $20.00 outside of the U.S. & Territories
$25.00/2 years US, $35.00/2 years outside of the U.S. & Territories
A free trial issue may be obtained by writing to the above address.

Karl Hildon         updated
4 Pollard Dr.
Scarborough, Ontario  M1R 4G4
Web page:

"The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology", a collection of reference material for Commodore computers, which now includes a 5-page C128 memory map by Jim Butterfield. Available again through its author, Karl Hildon. $10.00 US or $15.00 Canadian. (Outside North American, send e-mail.)

SAMS Technical Publishing    updated
(formerly Howard W. Sams & Co.)
9850 E. 30th St.
Indianapolis, IN  46229
1-800-428-7267  or  (317) 298-5400
Web page:

Books and repair manuals for Commodore, Amiga, Apple, and Atari computers, drives, monitors, printers and more.

JMV Grafix
Mrs. Jane M. Jones
P.O. Box 635
Blair Athol  5084
South Australia

"The World of GEOS" handbooks I, II and III, and a handbook on Commodore disks, $15.00 each plus $5.00 shipping for item. If all 4 are ordered together, the shipping is reduced to $13.00.

Also sells GEOS Card Art and Clip Art.

Meeting 64/128 Users Through the Mail  updated
Linda Tanner
Route 1, Box 120T
Black, MO  63625
E-mail: -- Linda Tanner
Web page:

A "world-wide computer club". Their newsletter ("The Commodore MaiLink") has information on new members, general interest articles, buy/sell/trade items, etc. They require an application with information about interests and equipment so members can know more about one another. A membership list with brief "bios" is provided.

Write for more information.

Midwest MicroByte
406 W. 6th St.
Yankton, SD  57078
(605) 665-4507

Publisher of "Midwest MicroByte" magazine.

See their entry in the Software section.

Dave and Sheri Moorman       updated
P.O. Box 44
Holly, CO  81047
Orders:    (719) 537-6009
Web page:

"Loadstar" disk magazine for the Commodore 64 and 128, previously available from J & F Publishing.

12 issues on disk: $45 plus $35 postage & handling
12 issues via e-mail: $45
(Payment through the PayPal system is also accepted.)

Back issues and other software is available at the Commodore Central Market.

P.O. Box 111
Salem, MA  01970-0111
(617) 586-9159
BBS--Line 1:  (617) 593-0305
     Line 2:  (617) 593-9867

"Twin Cities 128/64: The Commodore Specific Computer Journal", written by C128 and C64 users. 2 issues/year. Four issue subscription: $24.00 for U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Also see their entry in the National Dealers section.

Peachpit Press, Inc.       updated
1249 Eighth St.
Berkley, CA  94710
1-800-283-9444 or (510) 524-2178
Fax:  (510) 524-2221
Web page:

Publisher of many computer books, including "Learning PostScript: A Visual Approach", by Ross Smith, $22.95. Excellent for using GEOS and laser printers together.

Powell's Technical Bookstore  updated
33 NW Park Ave. 
Portland, OR  97209-3300
1-800-225-6911  or  (503) 228-3906
Fax:  (503) 228-0505
Web page:

New and used technical books and manuals for computers, sciences, etc. Moderate selection of C64 manuals.

See their website for information on their additional stores.

William Robblets
295 West Granby Rd.
P.O. Box 273
West Granby, CT  06090-8723

Since 1983, CATS (Computer Assisted Technical Services) has been dedicated to helping Commodore Computerists get the most from their computer. The list of services offered is extensive. For more info on what services are offered and how to request assistance, send a stamped self-addressed #10 envelope.

VideoCam Services   updated
90 Hilliers Rd.
Reynella, South Australia 5161
Phone:  +61 8 832-2716
Fax:    +61 8 8387-5810
E-mail:   admin
Web page:

"The Internet for Commodore C64/128 Users", third edition: a book written specifically for C64/128 owners who want to use their computers on the Internet. It can also be used by anyone using any computer platform that can use a terminal program with VT100 or ANSI emulation. Includes a copy of Novaterm 9.6 Lite, by Nick Rossi.

Note: this book is no longer available for sale, but the website contains information about it.

See also their entries in the Telecommunications and the Internet Resources sections.

Vision        verified

An on-disk magazine with a broad focus: from technical research to social commentary to poetry. Available from the Electric City BBS at (905) 793-9699 or by Internet FTP: then go into the /pub/cbm/c64/magazines/Vision/ directory.

Web browser shortcut:

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