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Software A-L

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Joel Anderson       verified
Web page:

"My Commodore 64 Speaks Klingon - and yours can too!" A set of three programs to translate between English and Klingon.

Applied Technologies, Inc.
Lyndon Way
Kittery, ME  03904
(207) 439-5074
Fax:  (207) 439-1061

"The Whole Bit" word processing software.

Ullrich von Bassewitz        updated
Web page:

CC65 freeware C compiler for 6502-based systems, such as the C64, C128, C16, C116, Plus/4, and the C600/C700/B128.

Craig S. Bruce         updated
Web page:

Author of the ACE-128/64 Advanced Computing Environment, ZED text file editor, Little Red Reader MS-DOS file transfer, and Mighty Mon machine-language monitor programs for the C128, as well as some VIC-20 programs.

See his entry in the Magazines section for information on the C=Hacking magazine and The Transactor archives.

Busy Bee Software
P.O. Box 206
St. David, AZ  85630-0206
(520) 720-4601  9am-5pm Mon-Fri

"The Write Stuff" word processor, in separate C64 and C128 versions, BB Speller (spelling checker), BB Talker (reads your files out loud), Illustrator I and Illustrator II programs. CMD Hard Drive and Quick Brown Box versions are available.

These programs come very highly recommended. Write for more information and for user group discounts.

Click Here Software/Maurice Randall       updated
426 Sumpter St.
P.O. Box 606
Charlotte, MI  48813
1-866-CMDRKEY (1-866-263-7539)
BBS:  The Speed Zone (517) 322-2386
Web page:

New owner of Creative Micro Designs' product line.

"geoFAX" v2.1, fax software for GEOS 2.0 (C64 or C128). Sends and receives faxes, can scan in pages when used with a fax machine and can also print faxes and GeoPaint files. Requires SwiftLink cartridge and a Group III Class 2 fax modem. $39.95 + $4.00 S & H.
Upgrade to v2.1 is available upon request

"Wheels". An update to the GEOS 2.0 64 and GEOS 2.0 128 operating systems, giving more flexibility with disk drives, hard drives, and ram drives, as well as other features.

"geoShell" v2.2. A command line interface/replacement for the GEOS DeskTop, for when typing in commands is quicker than using the icons.

"geoMorph". Alters geoPaint images in neat and interesting ways.

See also their entry in the National Dealers section and the Hardware section.

Computer Workshops/Cameron Kaiser      verified
3612 Birdie Dr.
La Mesa, CA  91941-8044
Web page:
FTP site:

"HyperLink" version 2.0 hypertext and hypermedia development system, $10.00.

"Mah-Gong Special Edition", $15.00 + $2.00 S&H. (No S&H charge if sent by e-mail.) See their webpage for details on upgrading the original "Mah-Gong".

"NewView" graphics processing system, $13.00.

Coming soon: "Nether", a "DOOM"-like game with 3D graphics for the C64.

See their entry in the Internet Resources for "The Commodore Knowledge Base", an article repository with search capabilities, and "The Secret Weapons of Commodore", a look at the weird and wonderful items Commodore made (or didn't).

CPI/Keystone Software
P.O. Box 8369
Pittsburgh, PA  15218
(412) 243-1049
Fax:  (412) 731-2460

Leroy's Cheatsheets: laminated C64 and C128 overlays for many popular programs such as Elite, Flight Simulator, Superbase, Swiftcalc and Wordwriter.

Has overlays for some printers and blank overlays that you can fill in for your favorite programs/utilities.

Also carries printer ribbons and publishes programs: Label Maker, Mail List Manager, and a series of database programs designed to organize things quickly (for audio cassettes, baseball cards, CDs/records, home inventory, photos/slides, stamps/coins, and video cassettes). Each database program includes separate C64 and C128 versions.

Cronosoft              new
32 Peter Paine Close
Butterwick, Boston
Web page:

A new game publisher that wants to revive the marketing of software for "older, retro, no-longer-commercially-supported systems (use whichever term you will!)". They accept submissions for a wide range of older systems, including C16/64/Vic-20, Amiga, Amstrad, 3DO, Atari, Dragon, Oric/Atmos, Sega CD/Mega CD, Sharp, Sinclair and Tandy CoCo.

See their website for more details.

Creative Pixels
P.O. Box 592
Library, PA  15129

"The Adventures of Eric Hawthorne, P.I.", "The Wings of Circe", "Island of the Dragons", "A Day in the Life of a Prehistoric Man", and "The Ghost of Ghengis Khan". $19.95 each.

Write for a free brochure.

Robert Dallmann       verified
1095  100th St.
Niagara Falls, NY  14304
Web page:

"Bible Student's Disk 1", $6.50 US.
"Hot (Bible) Topics Disk", $4.50 US.
Bible-related PD disks, $3.00 each. One PD disk is included with each Bible Student's Disk ordered.

All prices given in US amounts. Check the web page for Canadian and International order information.

Dark Vision    updated
Web page:

Software for the C64 and GEOS 64: "GeoDOS 64", a file translation and disk format conversion program for the C64, and enhanced Convert, SuperMouse and Configure programs for GEOS. Now available amongst the "geoSpecific" collection that Bruce Thomas hosts at the website.

Arndt Dettke    updated
Web page:
FTP site:

"GoDot": C64 image processing system, which can convert GIF, PCX, and various Commodore picture formats, as well as others. Full program is available from CMD for $34.95. Updates to the CMD distribution (latest modules and program enhancements) are available at my FTP site.

Works separately or in conjunction with the ConGo graphics converter.

Adam Dunkels new
Web page:

"Contiki" operating system with Internet web browser for many 8-bit computers, including the C64, Atari, Apple, NES, Gameboy, and many more. The Contiki system works on the base computer, without any extra expansion, except for a modem interface or an Ethernet interface.

Other Internet-related software is available.

See the Hardware section for details on The Final Ethernet cartridge for the C64.

8 Bits Are Enough!     verified
Web page:

"PiffyDOS", programmer's support utility for JiffyDOS, including REU support.

"FairligHTML", an HTML viewer for the C64.

"Arcade Classic", a racing game similar to the arcade game "Sprint".

Dennis Elliott 
1911 Hillside Dr.
Delafield, WI  53018

"Dartman" dart scoring program for the C64/C128. Up to 8 players. Covers 301-501-701, Cricket, Baseball, Scram, Depot Darts, Football, 3 in a Crib, and Grand Prix. $5.00 (plus $3.00 US for postage & handling for orders outside of the US).

Todd S. Elliott    new
2906 Kathleen St.
Riverside, CA  92506
Web page:

"geoWrite 128 Patch" updates geoWrite 128 v2.1 to support Drive D booting (four-drive support in total) under Wheels 128. $6.00 US, which includes shipping anywhere within the continental U.S.

"dotView": a brand new program designed for the Wheels (GEOS) operating system. It is a dedicated viewer that allows the user to view 4-Bit graphic bitmaps from the comfort of the GEOS' user interface.

Financial Services Marketing Corp.
500 North Dallas Bank Tower
12900 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX  75320
1-800-525-5611 or (214) 386-6320

Makers of "Perfect Tax" (formerly Tax Perfect). Features include auto-transfer of data when you switch forms, prints on IRS forms, Current Value Display and omissions check, and much more.

C64 version: $89.00
C128 or IBM version: $99.00
Add $7.00 shipping.
Updates are 50% off the regular price.

The FGM Connection
P.O. Box 2206
Roseburg, OR  97470
(541) 496-2234

Creators of "The Fun Graphics Machine", a powerful graphics manipulation program that gives you full control over how the entire page will look. Features: 3 drive support, compatible with all CMD devices, sideways text entry, powerful graphics tools, multiple formats, able to grab graphic screens from other programs, and more.

Now distributed through J&F Publishing. Version 8, the "Super Fun Graphics Machine", is on "Loadstar 64" issue #182. (See the entry for J&F Publishing in the Magazines section.)

Herne Data Systems Ltd.      verified
31 Adelaide St. E, P.O. Box 357
Toronto, ON  M5C 2J4
Phone & Fax:  (416) 364-9955
Web page:
Compuserve ID:  72060,1153

Publisher of Commodore 128 CP/M software and technical notes. While no longer supported, both are being made freely available through their web site for personal use.

Also develops system enhancements and utility software for IBMs.

Home-Spun Software
P.O. Box 1064-TC
Estero, FL  33928

Foreign and American utilities, graphics, HAM utilities, and games.

Send a first-class stamp for a catalog.

Horse Feathers Graphics
North 27310 Short Road, Dept 641
Deer Park, WA  99006-9712
(509) 276-6928

"Western Heritage Collection" of Print Shop graphics, borders and fonts. Make old west Wanted Posters. Write with a rope font. Compatible with the Print Shop and the Fun Graphics Machine. $24.95

Western Clip Art available for IBM or Mac, $29.95.

"Holiday Vol. #1": includes Print Shop graphics side A and B, Screen Magic and Doodle graphics. Over 20 holidays represented in 82 graphic files. *NEW* product, $19.95.

Add $4.00 S & H per order (+8% tax for WA state residents). Call or write for a free brochure.

Intercorp Communication
100 Pinegrove
Pontiac, MI  48342

CSoft Wares:

"Digi<--->Dox" v1.0, a sequential file reader that handles text, art and Digi sounds. Supports drives 8-11. $7.00

D.S. II "Cartoons", 10 Digi samples of cartoon shows. $3.00

Add $2.00 per item S & H. (Hawaii, Alaska and International, add an extra $1 for S & H.)

Corey Kelts
5871 Blue Iron Way
Kearns, UT  84118

"Audio Vol. 1", a CD-ROM of over 2,000 SIDplayer files, Singalong SIDs (songs plus lyrics), utilities and players. $25.00 shipped within North America. Add $5.00 US for shipping elsewhere in the world.

Usable via either a CD-ROM drive hooked up through a CMD hard drive or the usual IBM CD-ROM drive.

KF-PD Software
P.O. Box 470464
Los Angeles, CA  90047-0464
(213) 759-0465  3-8 pm Mon-Fri, 1-7 pm Sat, PST

Public Domain and Commercial software, and books for the C64/128, Plus/4 and C16. Also carries the James Hehl collection of Plus/4 utility disks.

Rick Kane                  updated
Living Proof Software
P.O. Box 80714
Minneapolis, MN  55408-8714

"I Paint" v1.5: a powerful drawing program for the C128-D (or C128 with the 64K Video RAM upgrade), with 640x400 interlace display, extensive drawing tools, REU support, and can use 24-pin, color and laser printers.

"I Port" v1.5: gives I Paint access to color pictures in GIF, MacPaint, Amiga IFF, GEOS, Doodle, Basic8, Print Shop and KoalaPad formats. Can output an IPaint file into GIF format.

I Paint: $40
I Port: $20
Both for $50
Upgrades: I Paint $25, I Port $15 (Add 6.5% tax if in MN, but shipping is included)


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