Chapter 4
Joining Top and Back,Gluing and Thinning.

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Page 1. Jointing a top.
Page 2. Close up of plane.
Page 3. Gluing a top or back.
Page 4. A traditional way.
Page 5. Thinning planes.
Page 6. Close up of a curved plane iron.
Page 7. Toothing plane for thinning difficult woods.
Page 8. Finish plane.
Page 9. Leveling.
Page 10.Homemade thickness gauge.
Page 11. Top view of thickness gauge.
Page 12. Thickness gauge in use.
Page 13. Top held while planeing with hold-downs.
Page 14. Mark grain direction to avoid tear outs.
Page 15. Cabinet scrapers
Page 16. Showing finish planeing residue.

Additional images of the thickness gague from pages 10,11,12.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5