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About Us 

About 30 years ago the "seed thought" for a new business sprouted.  Having spent many years in the field of teaching, both children and adults, I became aware of the great need for RESOURCES for people wanting to "help themselves" to a greater understanding of "All that is."
Through my own studies and pushing into the esoteric realms, it became more difficult to find my own new pieces of information.  I began a business called "Helping You, Help Yourself," which originally was motivational materials and classes.  I then realized there was so much more, and I was given a spiritual directive (or challenge) asking me if I did not realize there are other seekers looking for more information and I could develop a RESOURCE CENTER.  After the shock of the new idea wore off, I found I was able to receive the information I needed to plan and open a physical retail center to offer books, music, tools, and classes in spiritual, mental and physical areas.
Being a patient Taurus, and needing to finish putting our children through college first, my plans slowly developed and at the end of 1985 I was led to the building that was to become my new business home.  By April 1, 1986 I was ready to open "Helping You, Help Yourself" in a building already known as THE CATALPA TREE SHOPS.
We purchased the building and the inventory slowly grew.  We began offering classes in art, health, and metaphysical/spiritual modes.  We listened as people talked to us about their needs, hopes, and dreams.  We added inventory and classes as we heard requests. 
We were meeting other Resource People in the area and began networking to refer people to others.
The Catalpa Tree was the perfect symbol for us as we have planted seeds, watched them grow, seen deep roots take hold and seasons of growth come and go.  Along the way we changed the business name to CATALPA TREE SHOPS, using "Helping You, Help Yourself" as a by-line. 
We believe all books and music, that are available, have been written for a purpose.  We stock a large variety and offer you the opportunity to come browse and see which "speak" to you.  Our staff will be glad to talk with you and direct you to your areas of interest.  We will special order books and music for you as they are available to us.
Thank You,
Marjorie A. Coe

"Helping You, Help Yourself" in the Catalpa Tree Shops, LLC
13405 Main Street, PO Box 364, Grabill, Indiana 46741-0364