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Avatar's Anonymous
Twelve Steps for Embracing Our Divine Self

We are in a time of great upheaval, challenges, and change. Many paths are coming forward to help us navigate this terrain. As heralded by the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, we are moving into a time of self-love and self-expression. There is an internal struggle between the ego self and the higher self as the former clings to safety and survival, the latter rejoices with change and expansion.

The Avatar Way is only one of many paths offered by the Divine to guide us towards this place of self-knowledge and self-determination. A place where we can live our purpose as we love and support others in expressing theirs.

Each session of this four session workshop will explore 3 steps towards awakening our Divine connection and purpose.

Session 1 - Awakening Steps - The first three steps were inspired to help us "wake up" to our true value and the nature of our relationship with the Divine. They help us create a little distance from what we have been taught about ourselves, and our connection to Spirit, so we may develop a deeper understanding of who we are and where we fit in.
Session 2 - Purification Steps - The next three steps help us clear out old beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us. The releasing of the old allows room for our individual truth and Spirit to come to the surface. It also provides the heart and mind space for the Divine to support and guide us.
Session 3 - Transformation Steps - These steps support and guide the shedding of all that no longer serves us and creates a space of gratitude and love. As we move through these steps, our intuition and inner knowing begin to guide our actions. We are more the Beings of Light we were created to be.
Session 4 - Ascension Steps - The last three steps ground our Divinity in a daily practice of continued self-exploration

Instructor:  Lewis Tucker


Lewis Tucker has a passion and connection with crystals and stones and has worked with them for many years in his private practice. He is the founder of The Wizards Cave where he travels the country sharing his wisdom and knowledge of stones as well as sharing the tools we need to awaken to our Divinity.


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