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Dragon Meditation


Join Matthew Mannai as he gives us a better understanding of Dragon Energy and how it can be used, with intention, mental visualizations, repetitive eye movements and meditation to create new neural pathways within the brain. Dragon Meditation can clear away residual traumas, triggers and negative shadow aspects found within the neural pathways, which manfiest themselves as unconscious behavioral, mental, and emotional patterns. The intent of Dragon Meditation is focused on constructing a new, healthier, more positive, and life-enriching subconscious mind.

During the first hour of our session, we will learn about the history of dragons throughout human existence, along with their spiritual meaning and role in various civilizations. Matthew will teach the principles and practical applications of Dragon Meditation. He will cover the fundamentals of Dragon Meditation such as breathing techniques, use of intention, visualization, and musical accompaniment.

Our second hour will be focused on introducing, understanding, practicing and applying the techniques of Dragon Meditation. We will finish the evening with a brief discussion of our experiences.

Instructor: Matthew Mannai

Matthew Mannai has a Bachelor's Degree in Interpersonal Communication from Purdue University of Fort Wayne, and is certified through the Centre of Excellence in Astrology, Tarot, Psychology, and Dragon Mythology & Dragon Energies Spirit Guides. He offers Tarot Readings, Astrological Birth Charts, and Guided Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Meditation.