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How to Work With Angels


with Vec Talarico


With the tremendous challenges facing humanity, you might wonder how, or if, it's possible to rise above all the chaos.  The answer is yes!  The truth is, we have an amazing support system in place that helps us tap into our innate spiritual power and rise up from the illusion that we are powerless.  This support system is the Angelic Realm and the Angels are with us in great force to awaken us to the truth, love, and light of our true nature.

Vec Talaric will be at the shop for an inspiring and informative workshop on working with the Angels.  Learn some of the many ways that the Angelic Realm supports, protects, and guides us in our everyday lives.  This presentation will include information on why God created the Angels, ways to communicate with them, and the names of the major Archangels and their purposes.  We will do a brief meditation to help us connect with our Guardian Angel.  A part of the content of this class is from the book "How to Work With Angels" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.  The class fee includes a copy of the book.
Join us and come away with a feeling of empowerment, a higher connection to spirit, and a level of peace that will assist you in navigating the present challenges of our world.

Instructor: Vec Talarico
Vec Talarico is a Certified Angel Card Reader. She has been teaching classes on Angels in the Fort Wayne area for many years.