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Number Codes
Using Numerology to Understand Life

This fun workshop that will explore two popular numerology systems - Pythagorean and Chaldean. From Pythagorean, you will discover your personality traits, life path and what drives you. From Chaldean, you identify the astrology planets influencing your character, actions, and how fate and karma affect your future.

Instructor: Anmarie Uber


Anmarie Uber, L.M.T., C.Y.I., C.T.P., C.A.C.R. Anmarie has over 29 years experience as a reader. She has a bachelor’s in Metaphysical Science and is working toward her PhD. Anmarie is the author of "5 Numbers of Destiny", Synchronicity Numbers, Number Code, The Chaldean Number System, Breaking Your Magnetic Patterns, and Recreate Your Identity. Her workshops are based on her books, including her upcoming book “60 Second Tarot”.  Visit her website for more information about Anmarie.


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