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Tarot 101 Series

Tarot 101 is a four part series.  This series is based on Anmarie's upcoming book "60 Second Tarot". The name implies learning in 60 seconds, and you won't be disappointed. You will learn tarot the way Anmarie does it, and be able to read for self and others, without needing a guide book. This class will review some of the material in the "Introduction to Tarot" workshop, and will expand further, as we dive deeper into the deck.

Gain knowledge of yourself and others with this handy tool of spiritual transformation and prediction. You will master how to read quickly and (most importantly) read accurately, with or without psychic ability. Learn to look at colors, symbols and numbers in a new way as they help you interpret the cards. Understand how to read the timing of events and give specific and detailed readings. Learn how to answer a straight yes or no question quickly, without having to do a "yes or no spread". And finally, get all of your questions answered!

By the end of this exciting three week session, you will have a full grasp of the card meanings, and will be well on your way to becoming a master of tarot! Basic tarot certifications are available for those who are interested. Please ask.

Instructor: Anmarie Uber


Anmarie Uber, L.M.T., C.Y.I., C.T.P., C.A.C.R. Anmarie has over 29 years experience as a reader. She has a bachelor’s in Metaphysical Science and is working toward her PhD. Anmarie is the author of "5 Numbers of Destiny", Synchronicity Numbers, Number Code, The Chaldean Number System, Breaking Your Magnetic Patterns, and Recreate Your Identity. Her workshops are based on her books, including her upcoming book “60 Second Tarot”.  Visit her website for more information about Anmarie.


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