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Introduction to

Wire Wrapping Pendants


By wearing a crystal, you allow the energy to harmonize with your body.  Come learn and be creative.  Leave wearing a pendant you crafted.  You get to choose your stone/crystal our of a selection provided.  This class will introduce you to the foundation of wire wrapping. 
You will learn:
  •  the importance of cleaning the wire
  • how to measure your wire to the length needed
  •  how to wrap a crystal firmly
  • how to bind
  • how to make a bail
  • basic designs such as swirls and twists

You will be provided with a crystal, copper wire and a cleaning cloth.  Please bring a 5-7 piece pliers set (found at local craft stores or Sears *avoid the smaller pliers sets available at Hobby Lobby,) a pen and notebook. 

Instructor: Amber Kay


Amber Kay is the owner of Lemurian Rising.