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Your Body's Wisdom
Unlocking the Intelligence of Your Cells


Our bodies are magnificently designed to be vibrant, healthy, long lasting and in balance. But we have lost sight of this fact over many generations of societal conditioning that tells us healing is outside of us. Science now supports the concept that the cells which make up the body have a consciousness of their own and consistently send signals if their is disease. Once you understand the way they communicate imbalance, you are better prepared to address them.

In this class you will learn about the body's innate wisdom and ability to communicate with you. We will cover some of the signs your body sends when there is imbalance on a physical, mental, emtional and/or spiritual level. You will also learn ways you can tap into a conversation with it and the principles of one of the most reliable ways to communicate...applied kinesiology or muscle testing.

Join Vec Talarico for an enlightening class on the amazing aspects your body offers to help you heal that which is out of balance in body, mind or spirit. She will also show how you can work as a team to co-create a higher degree of wellness.

Class content will be largely based on the principles outlined in the books, The Emotion Code, by Dr. Brad Nelson and Heal Your Body by Louise Hay. The class fee includes a copy of Heal Your Body. The Emotion Code will also be available for purchase at a discount for class participants. Please let us know, when you register, whether you would like to puchase The Emotion Code. This will help us to ensure we have adequate copies for the class.

Instructor: Vec Talarico
Vec Talarico is a Certified Angel Card Reader, an Emotional Polarity Therapy Practitioner and teaches Integrated Energy Therapy . She has been teaching classes in the Fort Wayne area for many years.