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Here are some links to some of Scott and Amy's favorite web stuff.  Some things are a little quirky, but what did you expect?

Here's some sites where you can get the skinny on North Carolina grapes and wines, and wine groups across the U.S.:

NC Wine

American Wine Society

Wine bottle and glass

Woman w/ light bulb over head

Exercise you brain at:

High I.Q. Society




Learn about dairy cows and sustainable agriculture at Maple View Farm (Amy handled marketing for them for about a year and a half when they first started):

Maple View Farm

Constructing a dollar sign

Make your money go farther:

Clark Howard

Consumer Reports

In the market for a digital camera? Check out reviews:

Digital Photography Review

Digital Camera Resource

Flashing camera

Check out our new church:  C3 Christ Centered Church.  C3 is a church where regular people can come and feel the love that only comes from the Lord - helping the world in any way we can.


Get out and vote:


Durham County Republican Party

Here's the site of an organization that allows you to spread the word while helping those in need across the U.S., and the World.

Helping hands

Samaritan's Purse

Below is a link to a volunteer group rebuilding kids lives where disaster has struck, one playground at a time.

Kids Around The World


For a good deal on private, comfortable mountain cabins in the Natahala Forest of North Carolina, check out Cherokee Mountain Cabins.  Be sure to mention our names if you make a reservation.

Cherokee Mountain Cabins

Keep up with the RIGHT news:

People reading newspapers

Rush Limbaugh

Neal Boortz

Sean Hannity

Matt Drudge

Fox News

For a laugh, check out:

Goofy happy face

Joe Cartoon

Ebaum's World

2 Flash Games