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Poor Man's Trangia cookset

Here's an attempt to create my own Trangia 27 cooking system. 

Nestled together, ready for transport, big rubber band holds together

This cook set was made from cast off aluminium cookware aquired on a trip to Goodwill.

Individual components, sans pot/kettle

Components: a bottom stand/windscreen. A top support/windscreen. stainless pot support clips. The top fits into the bottom via slots and tabs. The pot support clips hang from the top windscreen. The trangia burner sits in the bottom windscreen.

View from above showing Trangia burner in place

This shows the completed assembly, ready to light.

Summary: Pros and Cons.
  • Pro: Very rugged and works very well in nasty weather.
  • Pro: Unlike the Trangia cookset, you can use standard pots by simply creating your own pot support tabs.
  • Pro: You can adjust pot height above burner by changing pot support clips.
  • Con: Heavy for what it does.
  • Con: Clumsy to access burner to add/adjust simmer ring.
  • Con: Conducts too much heat back to the burner body, making this a poor choice for summer camping 
  • Con: Doesn't really allow for the use of a fry pan