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Trangia and SVEA burners encased in ice

Can an alcohol stove be used in the winter?

Yes.  Left to right a  Military SVEA burner and a commercial Trangia burner encased in ice, running (try that with your Whisperlite). An alcohol stove is much more trouble free. So when you don't need a zillion BTU's to melt snow, the alcohol stove will work fine.

Run times and Simmering: The Trangia burner will run wide open for about 25 minutes (a little less in the summer, a little more in the winter). Add the simmer ring, but leave it fully open and the burner will run 1.5 hours. It will run longer with the ring at 50%, but I've never bothered to time it. The key here is that you can cook lentils (bring to boil, then close down the simmer ring to 50%) and other foods that might require a long unattended simmer time.