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Dec 09 Trip to Honduras

                Thanks for reading.  Let these testimonies be encouraging to you. 

          I had prayed in the spring, and felt the Holy Spirit’s leading to go to Honduras in August of 2009.  However, I had corporations pressing me to do big paint jobs, and neither did I have a prophetically gifted partner to go with me. I did not wany any partner just because he had the money to go, but needed a prophetically gifted person to accent the healing anointing that I walk in.  Neither was I excited about paying for someone else’s expenses to merely accompany me.  Unfortunately, I did not go in August.  For similar reasons I did not go in September or October either.   Finally, in December of 2009, after finishing a big job, I booked a plane and was in Honduras within 2 days, going by myself (again), and I stayed with my evangelist friend Jose Tulio Gomez and his family in San Pedro Sula.  Within days of arrival, I had found out that a pastor whom I had planned to meet with had died of heart problems in October.  I had not seen this pastor since early in 2006, before the anointing for healing had gotten real strong on me.  This was a lesson that I had learned before, that obedience is important, because it may be life or death, wether in the spiritual or the natural.  To me, it was obvious that this man would have lived had I been there, and he would have received his healing just like almost every other Hondurian down there that has enough faith to receive prayer.   

          I had no schedule set up, and nobody knew I was coming, except for my friend Jose Tulio Sanchez who lived down there, and he had only 2 days notice.  I arrived on Monday, December 7, 2009, and my schedule was half way filled up by Tuesday night.         

         Wednesday:  I preached at the Honduras National Prison, however, my main contact did not work there anymore, and I was in a smaller service that was for the ‘not so bad’ common citizens who had just made a mistake.  There was only about 25 people in there.  Over 50% of them answered the call of ‘if you have pain in your body or a physical problem, come on up’.  After everybody got healed, I could see the Lord working on some hearts.  I turned Jose Tulio and his wife Marta loose making sure everybody in there had received Jesus as Lord, and there were some new conversions, praise God.  Jose and Marta told me that they experienced healing in their hearts as well, because their son was murdered a couple years ago by order of gang members that were jailed in that same prison.   

          Thursday:  In the evening, I preached at Pastor Israel Sevilla’s church, Rey de Reyos (King of King’s).  I was not expecting many to come up for healing, in that I had preached there almost 2 years ago, but the church had grown since I had been there last, and there were many new faces, and some more recent physical conditions.  After preaching on healing and speaking on some of the things prophesied from John Paul, about a third came up for healing, about 25 people.   Some fell out in the Spirit, and all were healed, with one partial manifestation on a severe crippling case.   Let all readers understand that apart from God we can do nothing.  When praying, I usually stand at a distance when I ask for the healing anointing to come, and I make sure that the Lord gets all the glory.  I’m not trying to brag, but merely trying to tell briefly what happened.  I give all glory to Jesus, and we all praised and worshipped the Lord a 2nd time after that the Lord moved with the miracles.   

          Friday:  In the morning I went back to the prison to teach a Bible study.  I preached types and shadows of Jesus from the Old Testament.  There were only about 3 that came up for healing, that were not there on Wednesday.  One fellow came up for healing that I had prayed for on Wednesday.  On Wednesday, he had pointed to his lungs, and I prayed and assumed that he was healed.  This time he said he had a sever sinus headache and sinus problems, but with the love of God upon him, he testified that immediately the problems cleared and all congestion was gone.  Everybody was healed, and likewise, this was a good sign for a few unbelievers who had come to the meeting, and they repented and received Christ as Lord.  Friday night I did not have any churches scheduled. 

          Saturday:  Saturday evening I went to a church in Agua Viva where Alding Lainec pastors.  He is the same pastor that got me into the prison.  I felt led to preach on healing, and about half of the congregation came up for healing, and all were healed, except for a partial manifestation, where a man that was in a wheelchair stood up out of the chair for the first time in 5 years, but he did not walk, and he sat back down.  I prayed for him twice, and he stood up both times.  The pastor’s wife had cancer tumors in her breast which shrank and dissolved completely within minutes, if not quicker.  All the other problems were the ordinary stomach problems, (probably because of bad water), female problems, arthritis, bad backs, knees, sugar diabetes, respiratory problems, and other common problems, all of which were healed immediately, as usual.

          Sunday:  In the morning I preached at one of the Pentecostal churches under Pastor Jaimi Tuseus, the one right in San Pedro Sula.  (Pentecostal churches aren’t like the ones up here, but more casual.)   I had preached at this church in April of 2009, so there was only about 4 that came up for healing, and two of these were an older couple that had started attending since I had been there last time.  Needless to say, all glory to God, all were healed.  I had a good interpreter (Jose Tulio’s son, Rafeal), and I was able to get a lot of Word out in a short time, and as the Holy Spirit came on me strongly, I believe I released some postive words over Honduras for the troubled times ahead.

          Sunday evening I went to the small town of El Tablon, about 10 miles from the edge of the city, to a church under pastors Adolfo Bautista and Israel Sevilla.  All thanks to God, everybody with pain was healed.  There were two girls that were almost completely deaf, and their ears were immediately opened enough to where they nodded and smiled, and said there was a big improvement in their hearing, although they had not learned to talk very well, being almost completely deaf all of their lives.   If you are reading this and thinking, “What about salvations, isn’t that more important?”  Be it known that everybody in the churches was usually already saved, but we would give a chance for people to receive Jesus.  Also, the people were always encouraged to testify outside the church what the Lord had done inside through the miracles.  After seeing the miracles, if there were any unsaved ones in the congregation, it was easy to bring them to Christ. 

          Monday was a day off.  One week had passed.  It was now Dec 14, 09. 

          Tuesday night we went to La Fortaleza to one of the ‘Jesus is El Senor’ churches under Pastor Victor Anael Montes.   The last time I was at this church was in 2006, which was before the Lord gave me this strong increase in the healing anointing.  In 2006, his tiny church was up on the hill, and there was only about 8 people in the church.  This time, he had a new church at the bottom of the hill, and there was about 75 people.  As usual, I boldly proclaimed that the Lord is the same today, and that all would be healed.  Of course, it did not take much boldness to proclaim that, because that is ordinary as far as I’m concerned, and I expect that, especially in that I did not see anybody there with a severed spine in a wheelchair, neither did I see anybody with severe crippling Polio.  I’ve never seen anybody with severed back nerves get out of a wheelchair, and I have only seen partial manifestations on polio, (although I don’t know why that would be any harder for the Lord).  I also ask for people with dental problems to come up, but usually don’t get any.  However, there were two people here that were healed of dental problems as well.  Many came up for healing, almost 50% of the congregation, which is about normal among people that I have not ministered to before.   I had two of the ladies come up and testify, and I got it on film for any doubters back home.  One of the ladies that testified had a dental problem.  She had a bad infection that was going up even to her nose, but she felt the warm healing anointing come, the pain was immediately gone, and the swelling went down almost immediately as well.  As usual, I did not touch anybody that I prayed for, this way the Lord gets all the glory for the healing, although I had to hurry and catch a person or two that fell out in the Spirit.  Also, as is usually the case, we worshipped and danced before the Lord with great joy after everybody was healed.  I enjoyed myself, and all the kids flocked around me and I loved on them.   

          Wednesday:  The scheduling was a little sparse, so I had called Pastor Wilmar and Lesly Moreno from neighboring El Progresso, even tho I had just ministered at their church last April.  They were very excited to hear from me, seeing the miracles in the spring, especially since Lesly’s mother had cancer tumors and they wanted to meet with me at the hospital Wednesday morning.  Lesly picked me up about 8 AM and took me to the hospital, where her mother was coming out from the doctor.  All praise to Jesus for the stripes He took, miracles popped all over the hospital.  The first person I prayed for was Lesly’s mother, who’s left arm was numb from a huge cancer tumor in her armpit.  The numbness and pain was immediately gone, and the tumor starting shrinking.  Within minutes, the tumor was about half the size.  Lesly spoke a little English and was able to interpret as I prayed for many in the waiting areas.  After about half an hour or so, one of the doctors came out, wondering what was going on, seeing the results of prayer, and he wanted prayer for himself,  all glory to Jesus.  Many healings were complete and manifested quickly, but with many of the more severe types of problems there was also a lot of partial manifestations, which sometimes take until the 3rd day to complete. 

          Wednesday night:  Pastor Wilmar and Lesly took me to their house.  In the evening I taught a Bible study on healing at their church called "Goshen"(Gosen).  I preached in Spanish without an interpreter, before  Lesly was able to make it later and help me out.  There was about 20 people in the Bible study, most of whom I’d never met before.  About 10 came up for healing.  I was able to teach and demonstate the healing at the same time.  All were healed, although one elderly lady with severe arthritis took about 15 minutes before her healing manifested 100%.  I want to make sure everyone is healed, and will pray a second time if necessary, and try to keep the person soaking in the anointing.  One young boy had an old knee injury with some kind of bone knot in it that kept him from bending his leg, but when he felt the anointing come into his knee, he was able to immediately bend his knee without pain for the first time in 2 years.  Another young boy had a severe sore throat for two months that was immediately gone.  There were other neat little instant miracles as everyone was healed from various things like sugar diabetes to arthritus, old injuries, and stomach and female problems, all praise to God the Father, and the Christ Jesus for the stripes He took.   I spent the night with Wilmar and his wife in El Progresso.

          Thursday morning I went back to the hospital again with Lesly and her mom.  Her mother was feeling good, and the tumor in her armpit had obviously shrunk even more.  They left me at the hospital like a kid in a candy store, as they went to get a special medication for Lesly’s mom.  They had trouble finding the right medication, and I was at the hospital by myself for quite some time with no interpreter.  This made it a little harder to communicate, and some of the people thought I was a little nuts, but there was still a lot of miracles.  One of the cancer patients that was there the morning before was glad to see me, telling me how much better he was.  He had cancer in the throat and was unable to talk the day before.  I also had prayed for his eye, in that it looked like it had been injured a long time ago, and half of the dark pupil part was white.  I remarked how his eye also looked better and that the blue was starting to come in, (yes, this Hondurian had blue eyes).  He agreed, saying that he had seen it in the mirror, and that he could see better out of it.   I was glad to be able to minister in the hospital on these two mornings, in that recent rules made it hard for visitors to come in, due to gang members coming in and killing certain patients for whatever reason.    

          Thursday night:  My friend Jose Tulio got me into a fairly large church called the Church of Living Waters, (Iglesia de Agua Viva), under pastor Jesus Colindres.  This was in a dangerous area of San Pedro Sula (Agua Viva) that is controlled by gangs, and the police do not even dare to go there.   Jose Tulio normally was my interpreter, but once again, his son Rafael was able to come, who is an excellent interpreter.  About 50 people came up for healing after sharing the Word.  Here, as in La Fortaleza, there was a couple of people that came up for dental problems.  I mention this because my prophetic friend Keith Thomas had prophesied over me that I would see dental problems healed on this trip, so I made sure that I told the people that dental problems are no different than other bone problems.  As far as I know, thanks to the Christ, Jesus, all were healed with maybe only two exceptions.  I always do a second alter call to make sure that everyone receives their healing, and pray a second time if necessary.  It is very rare that anyone will still have pain on the second healing/alter call.  There was a girl there that was almost completely deaf, neither could she speak intelligibly, and she wailed in prayer as I was praying for others.  When I came to her, the deaf girl pointed to her right ear.  Knowing that the power is stronger in my right hand than in my left, I went behind her to pray, so my right hand would be on her right ear, and I did lay my hands on her.  (Now before you get mad at me and say, “God does the healing, what does it have to do with your hands?”, I would like to say that you are right, however, the anointing works in different ways, such as by angels, the Holy Spirit, through the Word,  God’s glory presence that overshadows us [Peter’s shadow], the layaing on of hands, etc.  If God’s right hand is His hand of power, and we are made in His image, then maybe that is why the blind person’s left eye gets healed before his right eye as I stand facing him with my right hand by his left eye.  Other confirming scripture says that the Kingdom of God is WITHIN us.  Hey, I’m still learning, but I know this right hand thing from experience.)  Anyway, I prayed for both of her ears from behind her, with both of my hands.  Sure enough, she comes up to me after the service and says (through my interpreter) that she can hear better out of her right ear, but she still cannot hear from her left ear.  I prayed for her again from the front, laying on hands, and she went out in the Spirit.  She got up later, and when tested, was repeating what Jose Tulio was saying from behind her, and her pronunciation was greatly improved, as she was hearing and smiling real big.   Also, there was a very elderly lady with fingers badly bent to the side with arthritis.  As she came to say goodbye, I noticed her hands and grabbed them, praying, and she went out also.  Often I do not know the results of the prayers until I return at a later date and hear the good reports.   I sure would like to see in the Spirit what goes on at these meetings.  Anyway, the pastor oversees 55 churches that he has planted, and wants me to speak at a pastors meeting when I come back.  This was a good connection, and I’m planning ahead this time for April 2010 lord willing.

          Friday:  I left at about 8 AM with Rafael to go to Nueva Ocotepeque, which was about 5 or 6 hours one way on the bus.  The bus fare was only 28 dollars American for the both of us one way.  About 40 minutes before you get there, there is a lookout over a big valley.  An American missionary friend of mine had a vision of the valley many years ago, and the Lord spoke to him in the vision and said, “This is the valley of indecision.  There are many souls here in the balance”.  My friend never went back to that valley, and I felt led by the Holy Spirit to go there, and I have gone to Nueva Ocotepeque twice before to the La Cosecha church pastored by Jesus Leiva Machado, because I thought that it was in that valley.  However, what I did not know, was that Nueva Ocotepeque was actually in a different valley.  The “valley of indecision” lookout point was actually part of the Cincensi valley.  There has been other prophetically gifted Hondurians that have said that I am called to the Cincensi valley, where there used to be a very well-known witch that has since died several years ago.  This witch had the power to heal people, and had apparently made a deal dedicating that area to the devil.  Needless to say, there is a lot of sickness and disease there, and they need the light of Jesus with the true healing power of God in a big way.  This is probably why the moment I arrived in Nueva Ocotepeque (the other valley) there was about 20 people waiting for me who had heard that I was coming.  These people had traveled 2 hours to come and receive their healing.  They were all from the Cincensi valley (“valley of indecision”), which is a huge valley covering a big area.  Keith Thomas from CLC in Herrin, IL had also prophesied over me in 2008 that I would be spending extended periods of time in a valley, confirming what I already felt.  What I did not know, but some prophetic Hondurians did, was that I was spending time in the wrong valley.   This is why a need a prophetically gifted partner on these trips.  Anyway, when I arrived, at about 2:30pm, Pastor Jesus Machado immediately put me in the pulpit, (his house and church were one building).  I did not feel led to preach, although it had nothing to do with the fact that I was tired and shook up from the mountainous bus ride.  I spoke about 3 minutes about how Jesus paid for our healing and then prayed short prayers over everybody from a distance and let the power of God heal them in name of the Christ, Jesus.  They had all come for healing.  They all got complete manifestations, with the exception of one tumor that was not quite completely shrunk, but the severe pain was all gone.  Also there was a blind baby whose eyes were clouded over, but like I’ve already stated, sometimes these kinds of miracles take a little longer.  They all went away very happy after receiving their healings.  They may have been waiting on me for a long time.  I’m not sure how long.  I had originally planned to go up there one day earlier, but through prayer had felt the leading to stay in San Pedro one more day.   

          Friday night:   The Cincensi people had left healed and happy, and the regular church crowd was there for the evening service.  I had just been here in April of 2009, so there was only about 10 people that came up for healing.  Then I gave another call for dental problems, but nobody had any tooth problems.  Then I gave a call for eyesight problems or cloudy or unclear vision.  Then 5 people came forward, 4 of which had just been healed in the previous call, which came up again smiling just as big as could be.  I could tell what they were thinking.  They were thinking, “Wow, we got rid of our physical problems, and now we are going to get clear eyesight too!”  The 4 all received clear eyesight, but the one did not, I don’t know why. 

          Saturday:  In the afternoon, Pastor Jesus Machado took me to the radio station.  He preached for almost 15 minutes, and then German Padilla Oliva from Tugucigalpi preached for almost 15 minutes.  Then they handed it over to me and I went for a half hour.  I talked fast with long sentences and my excellent interpreter, Rafael, kept up with no problem, and was already familiar with my messages, having checked  the Spanish on some of the documents on this website.   In the evening, Rafael’s mother, Martha, preached at church.  Martha is prophetically anointed and has a very high IQ.  She had been in the mountains also, evangelizing the CinCensi valley, and she had been one of those telling me that I was supposed to evangelize that valley. 

          Sunday:  I had mentioned to Pastor Jesus Machado that I wanted to go to the local prison in Nueva Ocotepeque.  I had been there in April, but I was in a small room with about 12 people while another Christian group was giving out food in another area of the prison.   I wanted to just go out and talk to the prisoners, but I was forced to do a service in this little bitty room.   I felt like God’s mission was not accomplished in April.  However, this time it was different, although it started out slow.  We went in the morning, and there was another local pastor there with a PA system in the main big block area.  The PA was loud enough that every body in the prison could hear.  There was about 15 people in the front, sitting in folding chairs that I guess you could call the pews.  Everybody else was listening from a distance.  The praise music seemed to last a long time, as I was itching to be turned loose, like a fat cat in a room full of mice.  Although the singing was out of tune, you could tell that they loved God.  When the praise music finally ended, the pastor in charge assured us that the speaker would only go for a half an hour, and then he would hand it over to us.  Well, we listened for about an hour or so, as the man gave his long testimony, and then we went over to the woman’s cellblock.  There was only about 5 or 6 woman there, but they all needed healing, and a few needed salvation.  After everybody was healed from things ranging from a headache to female problems and tumors, the presence of the Lord seemed really thick in there, and the unsaved girls automatically had a spirit of repentance and wanted to get saved.  This is what “Sozo” (salvation) is all about.   Then we went back out to the main, big cellblock and listened for another hour or two as the man speaking continued to give his testimony.  One man came up and talked to us and repented and gave his heart to the Lord and then got healed, but it was difficult to talk with the loud PA system.  It reminds me of the joke where an elderly man walks in to the church late, while the preacher is preaching, and sits in the back.  After about 30 minutes, he keeps looking at his watch, getting kinda fidgety.  He asked the woman beside him, “How long has he been preaching?”  The woman answered, “About 20 years.”  The elderly man replied, “Good, I’ll stay a little longer then.  He’s probably about done.”  LOL  Ha Ha.  After almost 4 hours since the time we arrived, the pastor finally shuts the man down that is giving his testimony, but they pack up the PA.  Oh well, this gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted to do anyway; mingle around and pray for everybody, not just the pre-saved.  Most of the people were already in this main cell block over by the entrance.  I went over there and did my little so-called magic tricks (not magic, just tricks) of quoting scripture how our sins are gone as I make the black rag disappear, and then tell them that it is just a trick but the miracles are real.  Then I ask if anyone has any pain.  I’m talking thru my interpreter, but a man that speaks English says, “I have pain in my back.”  To make a long story short, I asked this man THREE times if I could pray for him, preaching a little bit in between requests.  I even revealed my trick so they would not think that I was doing magic.  Finally, a different man comes forth, and he gets healed instantly.  Then the ice starts to break.  Two more get healed.  Then 3 more.  "Can we just praise the Lord and give Him thanks for these miracles?", I ask.  Their hearts are softening.  Then several more get healed.  “OK, look what the Lord has done!  You cannot deny that He is real,” I proclaim.  “I did not touch any of these people, so who healed them?” I ask.  God's presence was strong, and the time was right.  Rafael then leads the whole bunch of them through prayer to Jesus.  More come forward for healing as the miracles pop one right after another.  One of them was the man with the back pain that spoke English, and his back is healed, but he asks a second time for prayer, forgetting about his lung and shoulder.  I pray again, and then continue praying for others.  Then the English-speaking man comes back to ask a third time, saying that his shoulder was not yet completely manifested.  Anyway, the third time he is completely healed, but I remember that I pleaded with him 3 times when I was trying to break the ice, and then he has to ask me 3 times before he is completely healed.  Is there something to this?  Sometimes if a person says that he has back pain but does not mention his knees, his knees get healed also, even tho I didn’t know anything about his knees.  There seems to be other times when people only get what they ask for.  I don’t know all the answers.  I’m still learning.  Anyway, I’m walking around to a couple of other different groups of prisoners, and many of them are starting to follow me around now, and the word is getting out, and they are getting others and bringing them to me.  To make a long story short, all the prisoners received a complete healing except for two people that received partial manifestations, and the majority of all the inmates received Jesus as their Lord.  The two that received partial manifestations were the two worst cases in the prison.  One had gunshots wounds in his legs from the police the previous day.  The other was a severe case of polio.  These were the first two that I prayed for, in that Pastor Jesus Machado told the prison pastor that I had the gift of healing, so the prison pastor took me to pray for the two worst cases in the prison when we first got there.  At least they received partial healings, and I just have to believe the complete manifestation will come.  Often, I find out about the miracles when I return again in the future.  The one with polio said that the pain was gone and the joints had loosened up.  The one with the gunshots said that he felt much better, but was still unable to walk, however, it did seem like the swelling had gone down.   Overall, however, this was one of the highlights of the trip.  I was allowed to go wherever I wanted in the prison.  I think the guards heard about the miracles that happened in April.  Also, as we were leaving, all the guards wanted us to pray for them as well.  While in the prison, sister Gloria E. Villeda Chinchilla was also praying for prisoners to be saved and healed; and Pastor Jesus Machado had also prayed for the prison pastor and the visiting pastor while inside the prison, and they went out in the Spirit.  Pastor Machado has grown strong in the anointing for people to receive the Holy Spirit, for the prophetic, and for healing, and the church there in Nueva Ocotepeque has been growing.  Pastor Machado has also shared with me that he has recently felt led by the Holy Spirit to start a second church in the Cincensi Valley, praise God!

          Sunday night:  I preached at the church.  Everybody was already saved.  Only one man who I’d never seen before needed healing.

          Monday:  Rafael and I took the bus at 5:30 AM  back to San Pedro Sula, although Pastor Machado had wanted me to stay to be on a television show.  I was able to find my airplane confirmation numbers that I had left in San Pedro and confirm my flight.  Tuesday I flew back home. 

          Why is it that the healing anointing seems to be stronger in other countries than it is here in the USA?  The answers are not what some mainstream preachers claim.  Please see the link “Misconceptions about Healing”.  However there are legitimate reasons that can be backed up by scripture as to why the healing anointing seems to be tamed down a notch here in America.  Please go to this link for the answers:  “Why There Are Less Miracles in the USA”   

Thanks for reading.  God Bless You!!!