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Hi.  Please select the "Healing Teaching" link for a very informative, faith-building teaching packed with scripture from the Bible.
Please select the "Why Miracles are Important" link for scriptures showing why the church should be walking in these signs today.
Please select the "Healing Testimonies" link for a story of how I grew into this God-given anointing for healing, and how you can do it too.
Please select "Important Future Prophetic Events" for notes from John Paul Jackson's prophecies for the next 10 years.  I believe these things will surely come to pass, and I show you supporting Biblical evidence, confirming heavenly signs, as well as a little physical and scientific confirmation.
Please select the "Signs of the Times" link for recent cosmic occurances relating biblically to these last days.
Please select "The Gap Theory" link for Biblical reasons why the earth may be more than 6,000 years old.
Please select the "Dec 09 Trip to Honduras" for an encouraging update of miracles that the Lord did during that visit.
Please select the "March 10 Trip to Honduras" for a brief diary on what the Lord did in Honduras during that visit.
Please select "Why Bad Things Happen" for a short teaching on healing from Luke 13.
Please select the "Why There Are Less Miracles in the USA" for a biblical explanation of why the anointing seems a little stronger in other countries that at home.
Please select the "Jesus Only verses Trinity" link for an excellent teaching showing the scriptures for both sides on this delicate controversy, and the reasons why each side believes what they believe.  This page was added recently to bring healing and unity between the two groups.     
Please select the "Contact" link for information regarding ministry, free biblical teachings (english or spanish), or musical CD's in english or spanish.
Seleccione por favor este acoplamiento si usted habla español.  "Habla Español?" Muchas buenas enseñanzas se encuentran aqui. 

Thanks for reading!!! 

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Please let me minister at your church/event.  The Kingdom of God will come with instant healings and miracles, guaranteed.  Thanks, Karl Stein