Manuscript of Harrington Family Genealogical Gazetteer

Introduction, 5 pgs

Full text, 490 pgs

Individual Index, 195 pgs.

Spouse Index, 49 pgs.

Lineage not known, 82 pgs.

Appendix, 61 pgs.

Additions/Corrections - updated Dec 1, 2018

This 882-page book was compiled by George H. Harrington in 1941. I first saw a copy of this work in the reference section of the Minnesota State Historical Society building in St. Paul in the late 1950's. It was bound and printed on colored vellum pages that were individually printed from a mimeograph master. My own father's name and his parent's family were listed in the book, as a result of information provided by his aunt. In the early 1990's I obtained my own copy of this book and have since thought that it's contents should be available on the internet for other interested Harrington descendants.

The Manuscript of Harrington Family Genealogical Gazetteer, Austin, Tex.: unknown, 1941, 569 pgs is available to view on Heritage Quest in their Search Books > Publications section. Only the text is there without the indexes. In my site I have included the indexes with links to the text pages to make searching much easier. But if you want to look at the original text pages, the Heritage Quest site is great, but is not free. Heritage Quest is available through the Godfrey Memorial Library, if you subscribe as a "Godfrey Scholar" for $35/yr and it is free through many public libraries. The original page images are also included in a database in, but not indexed. You will likely have to login with an subscription.

For more information on the original text see the introduction.

Searching this book on this website is best done by clicking on the Individual Index, selecting the letter of the first name, and then scrolling down until you hopefully find it, or one close. Then click on the name to go directly to the text for this individual. The Spouse Index will help in finding non-Harrington names.

I have traded ideas on how best to get this on the internet with members of a Harrington mailing list some 5 or so years ago. Copyright concerns were discussed, but the feeling was that publication on the web would not violate the intent of the work. In order to stay true to the original text and formatting I opted not to put the information into GEDCOM format, but rather to retain the original format. Scanning worked fine, but OCR technology did not work successfully, so I just retyped the work from scanned copies of the pages. I have added links between generations and also links between where the person is listed as a child to where they are listed as a parent.

This book is known to contain errors, but may well serve as good secondary source for you. Be sure to verify the information. Errors were certainly not malicious or intended, but the natural result of accepting input from others without a thorough check. Given the size of this work, it is reasonable to expect some errors or misconnections.

James Frank of contacted me on 17 Oct 2005. He provides birth, marriage and death certificates from the United Kingdom. You may find this site useful.

Please send comments or corrections on this effort to: Chuck Harrington