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Additional family information on Loammi Harrington Added details of family and descendants of Loammi Harrington. It puts in question whether this is same Ammi of wife Sarah who had Ira in 1790. Adds five more children, in addition to Betsy of husband, James Lakin, and adds descent through Lydia to Lydia Ann Foster and Charles Foster. Confirms information on brother Ruhammah and adds his family. Bob Bowers of Lexington, MA. Mar 22, 2004
Additional notes Calvin Harrington, Civil War soldier from Shaftsbury, Vt. whose lineage was not known. Adds additional information on his Vermont Civil War units and experiences as POW. It also lists spouse and family. Irving "Skip" O'Strander Apr 28, 2004
Additional information on Sarah Herrington "I descend out of Sarah Herrington d/o Job Herrington & Alice Weightman or Elizabeth Ann Spencer (not sure which was Sarah's mother) of Rhode Island..."
Added correction to location name. Lists children of Sarah and Elisha Baker.
Michelle Burke May 4, 2004
Additional information on Hosea Harrington Marion Bender's husband is descended from Hosea Harrington and added some history and complete list of Hosea's children. Marion and Gordon Bender May 24, 2004
Additional information on Robert Harrington and Susannah George Diana Gale Matthiesen has a very thorough exposition of errors made in determining the ancestry of Robert. It puts in question much of his ancestry as presented in this book. Her site is well worth investigation. Chuck Harrington May 24, 2004
Additional information on Freelove Harrington and husband Salisbury Diana Braca provided additional information on Freelove's husband and children from burial records and gravestones. Diana Brace Aug 3, 2004
Additional information on John Harrington, son of Rufus Harrington and Elizabeth Aylesworth Todd Harrington provided his birth date and new information on his descent. Todd Harrington Sep 22, 2004
Additional information on Gamiel Harrington Jim Richards provided additional information on Gamiel or Gamaliel. Jim Richards Oct 22, 2004
Additional information on Charles Harrington Gus Harrington provided additional information on Newburyport, MA Harrington families. Gus Harrington Jan 12, 2005
Additional information on Peter Harrington Judie Dunkle provided additional information, adding to Gus Harrington's comments above about Peter and his descendents. Judie Dunkle Jul 25, 2005
Additional information on Mary Harrington married to Josiah Bigelow. Jean Sanders provided additional information pointing to Mary's lineage. Jean Sanders Aug 20, 2005
Additional information on an Harrington not included in the book. Regina Fallace provided additional information on a Conrad Harrington and his descent. Conrad was not included in George W.'s original work. Regina Fallace Aug 4, 2006
Two 1959 letters from Charles E. Harrington, son of Alonzo Solomon Harrington to Ruth Harrington Herzing. Philip H. Herzing provided additional information on Charles E. Harrington. Philip H. Herzing Nov 6, 2006
Dictated by Orin Doubleday Harrington at Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 15, 1914. Eight pages genealogical information mostly covering Joseph Harrington and wife Mercy Ann Thomas and their descent. Philip H. Herzing provided this 8-page pdf document which was typed up December 30, 1923 and includes references to many families, including George Herbert Harrington, author of the Gazetteer. Philip H. Herzing Nov 6, 2006
Corrections and comments on the Benjamin Harrington and w. Lydia Sweet family provided by Sharon Gunter. Sharon Gunter provided comments on the information on Benjamin Harrington and w. Lydia Sweet. Several children listed in the Gazetteer are wrong based on her information and she also adds other children and their descendents. Please see her provided five-generation descendancy chart complete with 204 source references. Sharon Gunter Nov 28, 2006; chart updated: 2 Apr 2007
Additional information made to Stephen Harrington & w. Sebra Buck family provided by Richard Dorrough. Additional information is given on Sabra Back, daughter of Jesse Back, who married, 2nd, Arnold Green. There is more information on children and possible grandchildren. Richard Dorrough Dec 18, 2006
Correction of information made to Edward Wetherbee Harrington and family provided by Janet Ebsen. The author of the book had indicated a probable wife and family. Janet provides information correcting that information and providing information on spouse and family plus his death and burial. Janet Ebsen Mar 26, 2007
Correction of information made to Charles & Agnes Hill Harrington family is provided by Jackie Wood, who moderates Harringtongen at Yahoo. Jackie provides information showing that the supposition that Charles was a Tory is incorrect. This is due to confusing two Charles Harringtons. See her detailed information. Jackie Wood May 5, 2007
Additional descendants and history are added for Benjamin Harrington, son of Abraham & Ann Vincent Harrington. This is provided by Gail Harrington. She stated that: "Quite a few years ago we went to Greenbush to search for my husbands family. He is the 5th great grandson of Abraham Harrington and Ann Vincent. Their son was Benjamin Harrington b. before 1770. I have info on Benjamin. He and his family came to Ontario Canada in 1804 after spending some time in Ohio. I've never found out his wife's name, however I do know where he was buried and his family following." See her detailed information. Gail Harrington Oct 13, 2007
Additional descendants and history are added for William Harrington, son of Daniel & Bethia Harrington. This is kindly provided by Scott M. Drummey and is copyrighted by him. He lists William's spouse's maiden name, two generations of her forebearers, as well as their daughter, Leonora, her spouse and 8 children. Though the dates do not agree exactly, the information on spouses and children seems to correlate well. See his detailed descendancy chart.. Scott M. Drummey Oct 31, 2007
Additional information and history for Almond (A. S.) Harrington and his descent provided by Corbit Harrington. There is no clear relationship to a Harrington in the gazetteer. Per Almond (A. S.) Harrington's obituary, in possession of Corbit Harrington, he is the great-grandson of Daniel Harrington of the Revolutionary War Battle at Lexington. I am assuming that the Daniel married to Anna Monroe is the one to whom he refers. Corbit Harrington Feb 3, 2008
An observant reader noticed that I had omitted page 301 of the original work. She said: I've been using your version of the Harrington Gazetteer on geocities--it's wonderful. It's great to be able to get from one generation to another just by clicking on the link. I really appreciate all the work you did to create this tool.

I have noticed, however, a page that has been omitted. That is page 301 in the original Gazetteer, Josiah Harringtons--Josiah Harrington with wife Mary Jennison Parker; Josiah Harrington, Jr. with wife Sarah, and Josiah Harrington with wife Susannah Warner. With thanks and best wishes.

I have inserted page 301 in it's proper order. This actually changed/corrected the parents of the children of Josiah and Susannah Warner listed on page 302. Good catch and thank you!
Meredith Stoehr Sep 14, 2008
Correction of information regarding Joel Harrington who married Ruth Wheeler. He is incorrectly listed as the son of Samuel Wheeler, but according to new information was the son of Jabez Harrington and Abigail Smith. Norma caught an error and provided sources and links to rootsweb sources in support. She also has provided a descent from Joel. Norma Apr 29, 2009
Correction of information regarding Mark Walrod Harrington who married Rose M. Smith.. Maritxu de Alaiza Harrington has provided additional information on one of our more famous Harringtons. He also added additional spouses. Maritxu de Alaiza Harrington June 10, 2010
A narrative report of addition information regarding Edwin Zelotus Harrington who married Lucy Ann Hastings.. Elaine Kaufman has provided additional information on the descendants of Edwin Zelotus Harrington. His parents are purported to be a Jonas, who married Abigail(?), but that link is unclear at present. An abbreviated five-generation descendancy chart is also provided. Elaine Kaufman October 25, 2010
A narrative report of additional information regarding Silence Harrington who married Horace Tower.. Gar Watson has provided additional information on the descendants and family of Silence Harrington and Horace Tower. His e-mail input with sources is copied here. Gar Watson February 13, 2011
Correction of information regarding Ebenezer Harrington who married Paulina.. Peggy Hoffmann has provided additional information to clarify the confusion on Ebenezer Harrington and other possible individuals with the same name. She has definitive information on her relative and his spouse. The information was copied from her family bible and a handwritten letter from an ancestor. Peggy Hoffmann June 1, 2011
New information found for the unknown lineage person Philo B. Harrington.. Jonathan Harrington has found information on Philo B. Harrington, whose lineage was previously unknown. Jonathan Harrington Jan 25, 2017
A new report on Jeremiah Harrington, son of Ezekiel Harrington. and Esther Peters is provided by John Diefenbach. John Diefenbach has done extensive research on Jeremiah Harrington (1774-1853), son of Ezekiel Harrington. and Esther Peters. He has provided a detailed report on his findings. The report also calls in question the parents of Ezekiel, but provides his rational for these changes. Also included is an interesting autobiography of Jeremiah's son Daniel Brown Harrington. I also found another reference to Daniel B. Harrington in Google books. John Diefenbach Dec 1, 2018


Son of Ebenezer Dana Foster & w. Lydia Harrington

Bob Bowers of Lexington MA, Member New Eng. Hist. Gen. Soc.


Angie S., b. Mar. 9, 1850 in Winchester, NH

Charles L., b. Mar. 30, 1852 in Winchester, NH

Bradley, b. Apr. 15, 1855 in Winchester, NH

Addie E., b. Apr. 16, 1860 in Winchester, NH and buried in Evergreen Cem., Winchester, NH

Eben W. (male), b. Jul. 18, 1862 in Winchester, NH

Clarence F., b. Oct. 3, 1864 in Winchester, NH

Alice R., b. Feb. 4, 1870 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; d. Feb. 22, 1901, Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH and buried Evergreen Cem., Winchester, NH


Lineage not determined.

Bob Bowers of Lexington MA, Member New Eng. Hist. Gen. Soc.

Ebenezer Dana Foster was born Dec. 20, 1793 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH and d. Mar. 20, 1875, Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH and buried Evergreen Cem., Winchester, NH. He married Lydia Harrington May 11, 1817 in Pepperell, Middlesex, MA. Lydia Harrington was daughter of Loammi "Ammi" Harrington and w. Sarah Nutting.


Lydia Ann, b. abt 1820 in Winchester, NH; m. Winslow Pratt on Oct. 25, 1841 in Winchester, NH

Charles, b. Nov. 17, 1825 in Winchester, Cheshire, NH; d. Aug. 4, 1902 in Winchester, Cheshire, NH and buried in Evergreen Cem., Winchester, NH; m. Emeline Rixford on Dec. 12, 1849 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH


SARAH NUTTING, his wife.

Son of Thaddeus Harrington & w. Thankful Dodge

Bob Bowers of Lexington MA, Member New Eng. Hist. Gen. Soc.

Ammi had only one wife - Sarah Nutting, b. 20 Sep 1765 at Pepperell, Middlesex, MA, d. 12 Feb 1849 at Pepperell, Middlesex, MA; m. Loammi Harrington 14 Apr 1785 at Groton, Middlesex, MA. He was b. 10 Sep 1760 at Shirley, Middlesex, MA and d. 15 Sep 1826 at Pepperell, Middlesex, MA. [From the Groton, Pepperell and Shirley vital records.] Loammi was a veteran of the Revolutionary War [per his pension file.] They had six children all born in Pepperell [per Pepperell VRs:]


Betsy, b. Dec. 22, 1785, in Pepperell, Middlesex, MA; m. James Lakin, Nov. 3, 1803 in Pepperell, Middlesex, MA

Sarah, b. Feb. 8, 1788 in Pepperell, Middlesex, MA

Richard, b. Jan. 18, 1790 in Pepperell, Middlesex, MA

Loami, b. Jan. 7, 1792 in Pepperell, Middlesex, MA

Nahum, b. Aug. 23, 1794 in Pepperell, Middlesex, MA

Lydia, b. Nov. 5, 1797 in Pepperell, Middlesex, MA; d. Jun. 19, 1876 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; m. Ebenezer Dana Foster on May 11, 1817 in Pepperell, Middlesex, MA


See duplicate family in main text.

Bob Bowers of Lexington MA, Member New Eng. Hist. Gen. Soc.


Ammi, b. Oct. 28, 1758 in Lunenburg, Worcester, MA

Loammi "Ammi", b. 10 Sep 1760 in Shirley, Middlesex, MA; d. Sep 15, 1826 in Pepperell, Middlesex, MA; m. Sarah Nutting, Apr. 14, 1785 in Groton, Middlesex, MA

Abigail, b. Sep. 10, 1760, in Shirley, Middlesex, MA; m. Levi Farnsworth, Sep. 6, 1782 in Shirley, Middlesex, MA

Ruhammah, b. Sep. 5, 1762 in Shirley, Middlesex, MA; d. Vienna, Onieda, NY; m. Paul Willard Hazen

Vashti, b. Jan. 18, 1767 in Shirley, Middlesex, MA


Lineage not determined.

Bob Bowers of Lexington MA, Member New Eng. Hist. Gen. Soc.

Ruhammah Harrington was daughter of Thaddeus Harrington and Thankful Dodge.


Luke, b. abt. 1784 in Swanzey, Cheshire, NH; d. abt. 1857 in Wells, Bradford, PA

Sarah, b. Nov. 1786 in Swanzey, Cheshire, NH; d. Apr. 4, 1854 in Vienna, Onieda, NY

Paul Willard, b. Jul. 11, 1788 in Swanzey, Cheshire, NH; d. Feb. 5, 1861 in Litchfield, Hillsdale, Michigan


Lineage not determined.

Bob Bowers of Lexington MA, Member New Eng. Hist. Gen. Soc.

Lydia Ann Foster is daugther of Ebenezer Dana Foster and w. Lydia Harrington.






Additional notes on Calvin Harrington, Civil War soldier from Shaftsbury, Vt -- top

provided by Irving "Skip" O'Strander on 28 April 2004.

Savage's Station
29 June 1862
Battle, in Brief

Fourth of the Seven Days' Battles. On June 29, the main body of the Union army began a general withdrawal toward the James River. Magruder pursued along the railroad and the Williamsburg Road and struck Sumner's Corps (the Union rearguard) with three brigades near Savage's Station. Confederate Brig. Gen. Richard Giffith was mortally wounded during the fight. Jackson's divisions were stalled north of the Chickahominy. Union forces continued to withdraw across White Oak Swamp, abandoning supplies and more than 2,500 wounded soldiers in a field hospital.

Wounded at the battle of the Wilderness 05 May 1864

Calvin Harrington

Residence Service Record Sources
Shaftsbury, Vermont Enlisted as a Private on 26 August 1861 Enlisted in Company A, 4th Infantry Regiment Vermont on 21 September 1861
was POW on 29 June 1862
was Paroled on 13 September 1862
was Wounded on 05 May 1864
Deserted on 23 September 1864
Roster of Vermont Volunteers During the War of the Rebellion 1861-66. (VTRoster) Published in 1892

First Brigade, Fourth Infantry, Company A

(Read: Surname, Name, Town, Rank, Regiment, Company, Enlisted, Mustered In, Mustered Out/Status)

Carey, Benjamin, Shaftsbury, PVT, VT INF 04, A, 8/16/61, 9/21/62, died of disease 3/6/62
Carey, Ira, Shaftsbury, PVT, VT INF 04, A, 8/20/61, 9/21/61, discharged for disability 3/17/63
Carey, Luther, Shaftsbury, PVT, VT INF 04, A, 9/2/61, 9/21/61, died of disease 2/8/63
Carey, Oliver, Shaftsbury, PVT, VT INF 04, A, 9/2/61, 9/21/61, discharged for disability 3/6/62
Harrington, Calvin B., Shaftsbury, PVT, VT INF 04, A, 8/26/61, 9/21/61, deserted 9/23/64

Further notes on Calvin and his descendants:

Calvin Harrington is in Shaftsbury, VT for the 1870 census with 2nd wife Nancy Tyler Carey, and with daughter (from first wife name unknown) Harriet Louise.

Nancy Carey was the wife of Benjamin Carey listed above who died in prison with Calvin Harrington. When he returned in 1864 he married Nancy Carey. Benjamin's brother Oliver is shown living next door to Calvin and Nancy in the 1870 census. Oliver was also a POW with Calvin and Benjamin.

Harriet Louise Harrington married Merriam James Ostrander 20 April 1876 in Woodford, VT. (Certificate gives Harriet's mother's name as Clarrisa)

Merriam dies 06 February 1906 Bennington, VT.

Harriet remarries to a Henry Richard Cone, 20 February 1909, in Bennington, VT.

Harriet and Merriam have 8 children.

Additional information on Sarah Herrington -- top

provided by Michelle Burke on May 4, 2004.

I descend out of Sarah Herrington d/o Job Herrington & Alice Weightman or Elizabeth Ann Spencer (not sure which was Sarah's mother) of Rhode Island. Sarah married Elisha Baker and had four children: Christian, Dorcas, David and Herrington Baker. Elisha died between 1758-1761 (Year Will probated). Sarah married again after his death, in the later half of 1770's to a Mr. Potter, first name not yet determined, this surname for Sarah comes from her father's Job's Last Will.

Herrington Baker married a Lydia Jeems/James and had a fairly large family. Herrington, wife and children eventually settled at Penfield, Monroe Co, NY (earlier was known as Northfield, Ontario Co, NY). I noted the city was stated as "Plainfield" so I thought I would send in some of our family information to correct the wonderful book written in 1941...to correct what was stated.

I haven't yet found information for her first marriage...but am thinking it was rather short and produced no children, or at least none that I have found!

Children born to Elisha Baker and Sarah Harrington/Herrington d/o Job Herrington

Dorcas Baker, born 18 May 1754 at Exeter, Rhode Island

David Baker, born 06 Dec 1755 at Exeter, Rhode Island

Harrington Baker, born 08 Oct 1756 at Exeter, Rhode Island; died 1833 at Penfield, Monroe Co, NY; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Penfield, NY. American Revolutionary Soldier for State of Vermont.

Christian Baker, born May 18, 1758 at Exeter, Rhode Island

Thought you might like some new information relative to this particular line!



Son of Joseph & w. Mercy Ann Thomas

Marion and Gordon Bender. Gordon is grandson of Leroy Hosea below.

Hosea's parents, Joseph and Mercy, are buried in the Harrington Hill cemetery at Warrensburg, NY. He died in April 1829 at 48 years - which gives a birth date of 1781; Mercy Ann died on 12 May 1831 at 46 years which gives a birth year of 1785 or 6.

According to family history Hosea was bound out to his brothers but ran away from them and went to work on the William Vaughan farm in Queensbury. The census says he had been there 16 years. There he met Caroline Vaughan and they were married 26 October 1848 by the Rev. John H. Baker. They continued to live on her parents farm until June of 1855 when they followed the footsteps of Caroline's uncles and moved to Waupaca, Wi. By this time they had given birth to four children:


Harriet C., b. 4 Aug 1849 lived only 16 days. She was buried at Sunnyside Cemetery.

Orion Capron b. 14 April 1851, Glens Falls, NY, d. 23 June 1933, Waupaca, WI.

Ovanda C. b. 10 May 1853 at Queensbury, NY, d. 4 May 1866 at Waupaca, WI

Carmi V. b. 6 Jan 1855 at Queensbury, NY, d. 1 Feb. 1858 at Waupaca

Harriet B. b. 27 April 1857 at Waupaca, WI, d. 26 Jan 1858 - 9 mos.

Leroy Hosea b. 27 Oct 1858 at Waupaca, WI, d. 17 March 1917 at Waupaca, WI

Emily L. b. 20 Dec 1859 at Waupaca, WI, d. 19 April 1877

Phoebe C. b. 21 July 1863 at Waupaca, d. 1 Sep 1863

Sarah Mariah b. 8 March 1865 at Waupaca, d. 15 Sep 1941 at Chippewa Falls, WI

Cora B. b 21 April 1866 at Waupaca, d. 25 July 1950 at Marion, WI

Linus J. b. 19 Oct 1869 at Waupaca, d. 6 Jan 1934 at Chippewa Falls, WI

We have much more on the descendents of Orion, Leroy, Sarah, Cora and Linus. My husband is a grandson of Leroy Hosea.

The "Orion Doubleday Harrington" listed never came to Waupaca with Hosea as far as we know - and their family all say they only came in 1855 after receiving a deed for property from Caroline's uncle.

Our daughter visited the Harrington Hill Cemetery several years ago and cleaned the stones there and 'read and recorded' the cemetery.

Hope you can use this to clear the record for Hosea.

Sincerely, Marion Bender

Additional information on Freelove Harrington Salisbury -- top

provided by Diana Brace on Aug 3, 2004.


Here is some additional / filler info for your data:

From Gravestone Records:

SALISBURY FREELOVE 1760c - 22 APR 1796 BU049 ([Harrington])

Freelove Harrington married John Salisbury Senior Dec. 10, 1777


SALISBURY JOHN, JR 1782c - 24 JUL 1851 BU049

SALISBURY DAVID 1793c - 13 MAR 1796 BU049

Explanation why she is buried in Ross Lot:

Freelove Harrington, daughter of Hezekiah & Freelove Harrington, granddaughter to Elisha & Susannah [Rutenburg] Harrington and neice of Rachel Harrington who married Isaac Ross.

HISTORICAL CEMETERY #: BU049 ROSS LOT BURRILLVILLE west of ROSS RD at TEL pole # 6 32 burials with 27 inscriptions

NOTE: Opposite Gonyea Bros Garage

John Salisbury married 2nd Mary Dean Nov. 02, 1796

John Salisbury died 18 Feb 1837 Canandaigua, Ontario, NY

Additional information on John Harrington son of Rufus Harrington and Elizabeth Aylesworth -- top

provided by Todd Harrington on Sep 22, 2004.

...back to the subject at hand. acording to the tree an area harrington clergy man and his father gave my dad at great uncle clyde's funeral we are descendents of rufus harrington and elizabeth aylesworth. they had a son john born january 1st 1785 who married a betsy cogsdel. this tree's originator is beleived to be deseaced, but i did follow it back by locations listed and did infact find much fact from this john to present. census records here in wisconsin also back this. john's son nathaniel and his wife sophia mosher lived in wisconsin and john moved here to be with them in his later years. john was born in rhode island, moved to new york, and then wisconsin. he is buried near my home as are his children nathaniel,rhoda, waity, phooebe, rhoda, waity, lewis. i come from nathiel "nat" harrington's son george who married isabel smith . the mariage of isabel and george disolved and no one was to mention or ask of family after that. my dad's little brother is the last of my older contacts and even today he gets edgy mentioning the past even being the last child alive with both parents being long gone. i feel no matter what the past holds if it were not for ancestory there would never had been a chance for our own lives. as i told my uncle," we can be proud of the line we came from ,or proud of what are line became,but in the end it is our line." well,have to get going for now. god bless,todd harrington

Additional information on Charles Harrington son of Peter Harrington and Nancy -- top

provided by Gus Harrington on Jan 12, 2005.

As a descendent of the Watertown, Charles Harringtons I'd like to correct what appears to be another Charles Harrington from Newburyport.

You have the correct marriage of Charles of Watertown to Harriet Parmenter but the date was M- 02/02/1834 in Waltham by Rev. Bernard Whitman and they lived in Waltham

This Charles was the son of Peter and Nancy.

Peter (1st) married Anna Hammond

Peter (2nd) & Nancy's children:

Charles Harrington M 2 times -1834 B- 04/27/1811 D- 05/31/1888 77

*(VI)Augustus Harrington M 2 times B- 08/26/1808 D- 08/21/1898 90

George Washington Harrington M 3 times B- 02/23/1806 D- 07/ /1898 92

Peter Harrington (3rd) B- 12/08/1800 D- 12/01/1898 90

Peter Harrington (3rd) was apprentised out at age 14 when his dad died.

George W., Augustus (my grandfather's grandfather), and Charles were brought up by the Bright family of Watertown who operated a tannery. Charles was put out to work on a farm in Watertown at 9 years old by Mr. Bright.

VI Charles Harrington was born in Watertown, MA 4-27-1811

Charles was assessor in Waltham for 7 years where he died in his house on Willow St. He worked his way up at The Waltham Bleachery to superindentent till he retired in 1870. Buried in Grove Hill Cemetary, New Bedford. He also worked for The Boston Mfg. Co. Relatives from Malden and Roxbury attended his funeral. He was a Unitarian (check out the vit. Rec. in Waltham) Married: Harriet (Parmenter) Harrington B-1814 in Sudbury MA M- 02/02/1834 in Waltham by Rev. Bernard Whitman and lived in Waltham D- 09/20/1878

Charles & Harriet's sons were:

VII Charles Herman and Herman Charles, Twins B- 02/21/1839 D- 02/25/1839

VII William Henry, B- 09/17/1840 D- 10/09/1877 37 yrs old

VII Herman P. Harrington B-06/22/1842 43?lived@ 11 Gardener St. Waltham in 1915 and 26 Grant Place Waltham Sept-1918 and New Bedford MA

VII Charles Frederick B-4/8/1846 D- 07/26/1868 22yr Cienfuegos, Island of Cuba

VII Elliot Augustus, B-04/04/1850 D-06/08/1936 in S.Calif. Buried in the same lot w/ his wife Mary Peabody in Santa Barbara, He was Waltham City Treasurer

VII Marshall Brown B- 04/18/1854 D 02/06/1866 12 yrs.old

Additional note: There was another brother of Charles H, Herman Charles, twins, they were born Feb 21 1839 not 1829 and Herman C. died four days latter.

Additional information on Peter Harrington son of Peter Harrington and Nancy -- top

provided by Judie Dunkle on Jul 25, 2005.

My name is Judie Dunkle and I am a direct descendant of Peter Harrington 3rd) born in Watertown 8 Dec 1799 (some say 1800) and died in Wakefield, Mass on 11 Jan 1890. I thought that you might like to have some more up to date information on the descendants of our Peter.

Most of Peters children did not marry and there are several who died as infants and 2 that I have not been able to gain any information about. To the best of my knowledge Charles Theodore is the only child to have children. I enjoyed your web site and the information about our Peter that you have. Judie

Peter Married Caroline Cordelia Fiske (daughter of William and Leonora) on 27 Mar 1831 in Waltham, Ma. Their children were:

Josephine Harrington, b 26 Jun 1832, died 20 May 1918

William F Harrington, b 4 Dec 1833

Charles Theodore Harrington, b 19 Jun 1836, d 20 Oct 1905

Adelaide Harrington, b 8 Jan 1839, d 19 Feb 1839

Converse F Harrington, b 17 Nov 1840, d 18 Feb 1872 (maybe 1842)

George E Harrington, b 18 Sept 1842

Albert Harrington, b 28 Feb 1844, d 12 Mar 1845

Isaac Harrington, b 14 April 1846, d 27 Jul 1895

Edith Harrington b Oct 4, 1849, d 16 Mar 1917

I am descended from Charles Theodore Harrington who married Clarra Ann Pratt on 24 Feb 1862. She was born in Wakefield on 12 Aug 1839 and died in Wakefield in Aug 1924. She was the daughter of Sumner Pratt and Susan Cox. They had 2 children born at Wakefield, Ma :

Florence Harrington, b 14 July 1863, d 10 Oct 1932

Harry W Harrington, b 6 Nov 1865, d 27 Jan 1919

Florence, md Arthur Herbert Thorndike on 26 Jan 1889 in Boston, Ma. They had 2 children :

Helen Thorndike, b 16 Nov 1890, Wakefield

Arthur Herbert Thorndike, Jr b 4 Dec 1894 Melrose d 4 Dec 1902 Wakefield

Helen married Arthur Clinton Roche, 28 Sep 1912, in Portland, Maine they had three children:

Arthur Thorndike Roche, b 17 Jun 1913, Wakefield, d 25 May 2001, Hampton, NH

Edith Roche, b 4 Jun 1915, Wakefield, d 26 Dec 1982, Largo, Florida

Florence Roche, b 30 May 1921, Melrose, d 20 Aug 1922, Melrose

Edith married John Hart Ross, June 15, 1940, in Arlington and they had 4 children:

Judith Ross, b [living], Franklin, NH

Deborah Ross, b [living], Franklin, NH

John Hart Ross, Jr., born and died in 1947

Patricia Ross, b 23 Apr 1953, d 23 April 1953

Judith (myself) md Robert Alexander Dunkle on [living] in Washington, DC. We have 5 children:

Robert A Dunkle, Jr b [living] Newport, RI

John Thorndike Dunkle b [living] Groton Ct

James Hassel Dunkle b [living] Portsmouth, Va

Andrew Hart Dunkle b [living] Groton, Ct

Eliza Dunkle b [living] Groton, Ct

Additional information on Mary Harrington who married Josiah Bigelow and was in the "Lineage not determined" section -- top

provided by Jean Sanders on Aug 20, 2005.

MARY HARRINGTON, b. before 1835; m. in Waltham, Mass., July 27, 1749, Josiah Bigelow.

Vit. Rcds. Waltham, Mass.

I think I have the Josiah Bigelow lineage (Josiah, Thomas, Samuel, John the emigrant) If you think this is accurate, I think also that this is the lineage for Mary Harrington Bigelow Jonas, John and Robert (the emigrant). Reason being that my ancestors were connected with both the Harrington and Bigelow families in Sudbury and Marlboro (and also Worcester County)

Jean Sanders

(Chuck note: As I researched your comments I noticed that the book does not have an entry for Jonas as son of John. I checked FamilySearch.org and found he is apparently a twin to James born 2 Apr 1695 and married Abigail Stearns. Perhaps that is why the lineage was not determined at the time this book was put together in 1941.)

Additional information on Stephen Harrington & w. Sebra Buck -- top

provided by Richard Dorrough on Dec 13-18, 2006.

13 Dec 2006
I have done some work on Stephen Harrington/Herrington of Conn/Richfield NY. I have found the wife of Stephen Herrington to be Sabra Back daughter of Jesse Back. You have Buck. Sabra went on the marry Arnold Green of Richfield Ny and died between 1855 and 1860. She was living with her son Nathan in 1855. Nathan lived in Richfield until around 1870 with his mother and brother Clark. There are sisters listed as Sally Rhyde, Lydia Sitts and Betsy Lewis. The ages do not match for them to be his sisters. I believe they might be his daughters. Sabras pension claim does not list daughters so I wonder if these are not Nathans daughters. Do you have anything on Nathan, Clark or King besides what you have listed? All the Best
Richard Dorrough

Then later

18 Dec 2006
Thank you for the email. I would appreciate you adding my comments on the web site, This branch has had me stumped for years. Lydia Sitts listed with Nathan Herrington was first married to Ruben Williams. They had sons George, Owen and David. I have so many different ages listed for her that I cannot figure out if she is Nathans sister or daughter. It is odd that Sabra Herrington does not mention daughters in the pension file yet we have Lydia "Liddie" Sitts, Elizabeth "Betsy" Lewis and Sarah "Sally" Rhyde. The ages are close but Stephen is said to have died in 1811 so I believe some if not all are Nathans daughters. Nathan appears on the 1820 thru 1870 Census for Richfield. Just for the record some indexs wrongly list Richfield as Richland. Nathan and Clark lived togheter for awhile and King appears as well. Thank you and have a happy holiday,
Richard Dorrough

Corrections of information on Edward Harrington & w. Louisa Bartlett Larkum refuting information on wife and children -- top

provided by Janet Ebsen on Mar 26, 2007.


First of all, please let me say how incredibly impressed I am with your website!!! It's very cool.

I'm the granddaughter of Harold Harrington, printer of Oshkosh, WI, who died Jan 21 1960. I'm currently living in Manchester, NH, and am doing a bit of research on Edward Wetherbee Harrington who was mayor here from 1859-1860. Your website's details about his life are incorrect.

You correctly note that he was born in Acton, MA, on 21 June 1816. According to his obituary in the Manchester Mirror and American, printed on July 12, 1876:

He moved to Manchester (NH, not MA) in 1839 and opened the city's first restaurant. He did a brisk business serving the many workman who were constructing textile mills at that time.

He married Frances M. Dearborn in May 1843. She died in November 1844, leaving him with one daughter, Frances M. Harrington. (She later married the Hon. John P. Bartlett, who served as a judge in Manchester.)

In May 1849 he married Margaret A. Bond. They had four children, two of whom survived to adulthood. Edward W., Jr., and Delena were living in Manchester at the time of his death.

He was mayor of Manchester from 1859-1860 and was involved in many aspects of civic life.

He died on July 10, 1876, in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he had traveled to seek relief from gout. He is buried in Valley Cemetery in Manchester, in an ornate tomb. See photo online

His wife Margaret died in November 1902.

Hope that helps!!!

Janet Ebsen

Addition of information on Almond (A.S.) Harrington. -- top

provided by Corbit Harrington on Feb 3, 2008.

Almond (A.S.) Harrington (listed as Herrington in 1860 Barton County Missouri census) born Burlington, NY Nov. 5th, 1810 died Trinidad Colorado April 3, 1899 ( I have a photo of him) married to Eliza A. Mason who was born at Williamstown Mass May 24, 1816 and died Boston, Barton County, Missouri 1904. They were maried in Oneida County, New York 1831. Eliza Mason can be traced to 1620. They had 4 sons and 5 daughters. They moved from Lima, Ohio in 1855 to Iowa City and then in 1857 to Johnson County, Missouri then moved in 1858 to Barton County. They lived in Lamar during the Civil War. Their son Henry F. Harrington was the first sheriff in Barton County after the Civil War and would have likely known Wyatt Earp who was a constable. Their youngest son, Charles, was also later a sheriff of Barton County. In his obituary, it says that Almond's great grandfather was Daniel Harrington who fought in the Revolutionary War at Lexington. It also mentions 9 Harringtons who fought with Col. Stark in the Battle of Bennington. The 1860 Barton County Census lists A.S. Harrington age 48 born in NY; Eliza A. age 44 born in Mass; Fernando age 25 born in Ohio; Henry F. age 23 born in Ohio; Ann J. age 16 born in Ohio; Virginia age 12 born in Ohio; Teresa age 7 born in Ohio; and Charles A. age 6 born in Ohio.

Henry Franklin Harrington (sometimes mispelled Henery) was born July 9, 1837 in Lima Ohio. He died Jan 20, 1911 in Ekalaka, Montana. He married Lucinda (Murphy) Harrington born 1848 in Buchanan County MO. Died July 20, 1928 at Ridgeway, Montana. Henry's brother Charles A. Harrington married Martha Ellen Cones on Sept 17, 1871, and they had 13 children (11 of whom survived their parents). They were Messrs Sumner and Harry Harrington of Lemoore California, Frank Harrington of Lamar, Ronald Harrington of Jasper MO, George Harrington of Zack OK, Mrs. A.C. Kopp of Lamar, and Misses Josephine, Ella, Edna, and Elva. Charles served as sheriff in 1908.

Henry and Lucinda had three children: Charles A. Harrington born about 1869, J. Dunn Harrington born about 1871, and Walter Franklin Harrington born April 3, 1874 in Lamar MO. He died July 16, 1929 in Alzada, Montana. He was married to Margaret (Johnston) Harrington born Sept 2, 1883 in Alzada, Montana and died January 6, 1959 in Ekalaka, Montana.

Their son was Homer Henry Harrington born May 31st, 1907 in Alzada, Montana. and died April 22, 1967 in Ekalaka, Montana.

Addition of information on Joel Harrington. -- top

provided by Norma on Apr 29, 2009.


I have just come across your site and can make the following correction:

Your web site suggests that the Joel Harrington who married Ruth Wheeler was the son of Samuel Harrington but this is incorrect. The Joel Harrington who married Ruth Wheeler was the son of Jabez Harrington and Abigail Smith.

Joel Harrington died 10 Dec 1839 age 71-9-15 and both wives: Ruth Wheeler & Olive [--?--] are buried in the Laona Cemetery, Pomfret, Chautauqua County, NY.

I have scanned the pertinent information which I found online and will attach them to this e-mail (the pdf file is 2 pages). I will also attach an outline descendant tree for Joel Harrington which I have generated from my FTM program.

The information on the cemetery is online at www.rootsweb.com/~nychauta/CEMETERY/Pomfret/Laona2.html. You will see there is also listed a Sylvia, wife of Joel Harrington who died 1 Mar 1826 at age 47 but I can't fit her in???

The will is online at www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nychauta/Wills/Volume1.htm. FHL film #588096; Wills Chautauqua County NY, Vol 1: 1831-1842

Joel Harrington and Ruth Wheeler were the parents of Abigail Harrington born abt 1795 who married Otis Goulding. Otis & Abigail Goulding were my great-great-great-grandparents.

Cheers, Norma

Addition of information on Ebenezer Harrington. -- top

provided by Peggy A. Hoffmann on May 28, 2011.

Dear Chuck -- I have some info that will correct what I see as a probable mistake in the Harrington Genealogy. The land sold in Kingsbury, NY was very likely sold by Ebenezer Harrington who was married to Paulina Doolin. They did have a son, Asa, but would not have been found in the 1800 census in the Kingsbury area. There was an Ebenezer Harrington married to Paulina Burnham, who could have been the family in the 1800 census. My Ebenezer was in Cayuga County, NY at that time. The info below was copied from my family bible and a handwritten letter from an ancestor. Could you include this in your notes so that future researchers can take this into consideration when researching Ebenezer of Kingsbury, NY?

She referred to the listing of Ebenezer Harrington and Paulina Burnham.


EBENEZER HARRINGTON (father JEREMIAH HERRINGTON) was born 19 Feb 1777 in Clarksburgh (Adams), Berkshire Cty, MA, and died 13 Sep 1843 in Daysville, Ogle Cty, IL. He married PAULINA DOOLIN Abt. 1799 in Saratoga Cty?, New York, daughter of PATRICK DOOLIN and SPOUSE UNKNOWN. She was born 2 Dec 1781 in Salisbury, CT/Salisbury Center?, Otsego Cty, New York, and died 6 Apr 1841 in Ohio.


SIBYL HARRINGTON, b. 12 Apr 1800, Scipio, Cayuga County, NY; d. 12 Jul 1866, Savannah, Wayne Cty, NY.

ASA HARRINGTON, b. 6 Jun 1803, Scipio, Cayuga County, New York; d. 2 Mar 1835, Carroll, Chatauqua County, New York.

PAULINA HARRINGTON, b. 19 Dec 1805, Scipio, Cayuga County, New York; d. 1 Dec 1840, West Springfield, Erie County, Pennsylvania.

EBENEZER HARRINGTON, b. 1 Nov 1808, Kingsbury, Washington County, New York; d. 9 Aug 1809, Kingsbury, Washington County, New York.

EBENEZER HARRINGTON, b. 18 Nov 1810, Kingsbury, Washington County, New York; d. 15 Feb 1852, Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin.

CHESTER C. HARRINGTON, b. 22 Aug 1813, Kingsbury, Washington County, NY; d. 9 Jul 1904, Nachusa, Lee Cty, IL.

RUSSELL C. HARRINGTON, b. 5 Jan 1817, Kingsbury, Washington County, New York; d. Aft. 1837.

LOIS HARRINGTON, b. 2 Dec 1819, Kingsbury, Washington County, NY; d. 5 Sep 1912, Oshkosh, Winnebago Cty, WI.

GUSTAVIA CORNELIA HARRINGTON, b. 22 Mar 1823, Kingsbury, Washington Cty, NY; d. 19 Mar 1898, Burlington, Racine Cty, WI.

As you can see, the last six children were born in Kingsbury. The father, Ebenezer, was a Baptist preacher. When they left Kingbury, they gradually moved westward. By 1838, they were in Erie Cty, PA, where Lois was married. They then moved on to Wisconsin where Gustavia was married in 1840. Ebenezer and Paulina are buried in Burlington Cemetery, Racine Cty, WI.

Strangely, their eldest daughter married a Burnham, so I suspect that there might be some connection between these two couples. I've considered that Burnham might have been the first marriage for Paulina Doolin, but she was 18 when she married Ebenezer. A little young to be a widow.

I responded on 28 May 2011 with a few clarifying questions:

Thank you for the input. I have started to add your input into my website, but did some searches in Ancestry.com. I found a reference to Ebenezer and Paulina Doolin but there are inconsistencies in many of the references. I did find a book Portraits and Biographies of Lee County Illinois from which I copies a couple pages from this site:http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?view=image;size=100;id=uiuo.ark%3A%2F13960%2Ft84j0d53d;page=root;seq=243;num=243. See attachments.

It also appeared odd that he and his wife were buried in Racine, Wisconsin having died quite a distance from there.

You did not specifically refer to changes you might make to Ebenezer's entry as a child at http://mysite.ncnetwork.net/resz99yy/w.htm#fam66. Many land transfers were mentioned there. Are they related to your Ebenezer?

Your family bible and handwritten letters are good sources to help clarify these issues.

I will wait to update my site until I hear back from you.

Thanks again for helping to clarify an area that appears to have some misinformation.

Chuck Harrington

and Peggy Hoffmann responded on 28 May 2011:

The Ebenezer that is the son of William and Ann Hamon is from a different generation than my Ebenezer, so there's really no chance that they are the same person. I still have doubts whether my Ebenezer is related to this family. The migration pattern seems to go from R.I. directly to New York State (Warren County). I know my Ebenezer was born in 1777 in Adams, MA per his gravestone. I suspect that might be a whole different Harrington branch.

The only thing I know is that the land deal that included a property with Asa probably belongs to my Ebenezer, not the Ebenezer, son of William. My Ebenezer had a son named Asa and the date that the land was sold coincides with the family's movement west. Since this land deal was probably my Ebenezer, I suspect that some of the other references to Ebenezer in Kingsburry, Washington County might also be my Ebenezer. He was a Baptist preacher.

There are a couple of possibilities. Ebenezer married to Paulina Burnham is the father of my Ebenezer and the Lee County record is wrong. Or he is the uncle of my Ebenezer. Or they are not closely related. However, the Lee County record does mention that Jeremiah (father to my Ebenezer) lived out his life in Warren County.

I think it's important to give researchers the information that there are two Ebenezer/Paulina couples. And that they are from two different generations. I suspect that if we compared the signatures on these land deals, we may find two different signature.

As for the burials, they were buried in Burlington, Racine County, Wisconsin where they had settled with their younger children around 1840. Paulina Doolin Harrington died first in 1841, probably while visiting relatives in OH, was sent back home and was buried in a small plot on family land. I have a written account from my great-great grandmother who, as a child, witnessed them digging up Paulina's grave to move her to the new Burlington Cemetery where her husband was buried in 1843. After her death, Ebenezer went to stay with Chester, died in Lee County and then was sent back and buried in Burlington in the family plot.

The info on Ancestry.com comes from Cheal family research and from Melinda Mowatt Anderson. The Pollina MacDowell name comes from a typed family history that my great-grandmother did which got passed around the family, but I trust Chester's recollection (Lee County) of his grandmother's name more than the recollection of a great-granddaughter. Also, the information given about her father, Patrick, being a revolutionary war soldier is proved by an obit that I found for him. His name is listed as Patrick Doolan in that obit. I have no idea where the info comes from that they were married in MI. It makes no sense as all their children were born in NY state, Patrick never left NY state and so there would be no reason for his daughter to be in MI. There is, however, another Ebenezer in Michigan, which may have caused the mix-up.

I hope you can include this info on your website in case, someday, someone is able to figure out who Paulina Doolin was and where her father Patrick came from.

I've looked at several of the family trees that include Ebenezer and Paulina and some of them are just flat out ridiculously wrong. Some have him attached to a family from Nova Scotia! They reference the Lee County bio, but it doesn't appear that they've read it because it completely refutes their Harrington lineage. Oh, well. Let me know if you need any more info.

Thanks, Peggy Hoffmann