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Hellsing OVA 5 was released on November 21, 2008. This release date applies to Japan only.

Hellsing OVA 5 (Basic Edition)


Hellsing OVA 5 (Limited Edition)

               Jji Nakata               Alucard 
               Yoshiko Sakakibara  Integra Hellsing 
               Fumiko Orikasa        Seras Victoria 
               Motomu Kiyokawa    Walter C. Dornez 
               Norio Wakamoto       Alexander Anderson
               Maaya Sakamoto      Rip van Winkle
               Yoko Soumi             Zorin Blitz
               Nobuo Tobita           The Major
               Hiroshi Naka            Dok
               Ryoko Shiraishi       Schroedinger
               Toshiko Fujita          The Queen of England
Plot Synopsis:
Alucard is asleep sitting up in a tall-backed chair. Or, considering he is currently on a burned out warship in the middle of the sea, perhaps he's dreaming that he's sleeping in a tall-backed chair. Who can say? At any rate, he's the very picture of calm repose--though he is having a very strange dream involving one of his guns, a man who claims to be the spirit of that gun but looks a great deal like Bruce Willis, and the chopped-up mental flotsam left from half a dozen late-night movies. It's the first and probably only time that viewers will see Alucard look utterly lost and nonplussed.

Meanwhile, Millenium zeppelins glide into England's airspace. Penwood is in his control room, having a panicked meeting with Integra. In London's night streets, people see round shapes blot out the moon, and they stare upward in growing panic--everyone except for Alexander Anderson, who glares at the oncoming airships with a certain angry recognition.
The main players of Millenium ride on board one of the zeppelins, reviewing their mission objectives. The Major tells Zorin Blitz to surround Hellsing headquarters, but hold off on the final assault until reinforcements arrive. Zorin grins and says she won't need any help, but the Major shakes his head and warns her that Seras and Integra are more dangerous than she thinks.
The orders are finalized, the Major makes a champagne toast, bays open up in the zeppelin's undersides, and
clusters of flying bombs sail out and rocket towards the city below. Streets and buildings go up in flames, and citizens are struck by flying chunks of rubble and glass. Within moments everything is
burning, shrieking pandemonium, and London recieves the next attack: not falling bombs but a wave of vampires dropping from above.
Millenium's undead army launches itself from the airships. Their long coats snap and ripple in the wind as they
descend, grinning.
On the ground, Penwood's control room is gate-crashed by the enemy. Not only are the new arrivals vampires, but
some of Penwood's supposedly faithful personnel now turn around with sharp-toothed smiles. The leader calls for
surrender and puts a gun to Integra's head. She laughs, casually insults their fledgling skills, and requests a little work from the waiting Walter Dorneaz. It isn't long before flying wires leave the enemy in assorted chunks on the
Penwood realizes that his control room is a target, and orders the remaining soldiers to get out while they still
can. The soldiers are first stunned, then begin to laugh, and in the end they commit gentle mutiny and tell
Penwood that they will not desert their posts. Integra realizes that she has to get back to Hellsing HQ, and she
unholders one of her special, silver-bulleted pistols and gives it to Penwood. She wishes him good luck, and
while her expression is cheerful her eyes seem unnaturally bright.
Outside there is mass carnage, and the city fires have taken the form of a huge burning swastika. Vampires rip
and tear, the armed try to fight back and fail, and the fallen turn into ghouls. The Millenium vampires absorb
round after round of gunfire, grin, and continue advancing. Walter drives Integra through the embattled streets,
and Integra snipes the enemy from the side window of the speeding vehicle.

Penwod's control room has been attacked repeatedly, and Penwood is now the last one left alive. He is shaking,
bloodied, and clutching a detonator in his fist. The door has been barricaded, and he hears the vampires outside
breaking through, but his mind drifts back to the past when he first met Integra.
She was only a child at the time, and Penwood was outraged that she would be taking charge of Hellsing. He remembers trying to lecture her and dissuade
her, trying to tell her what a hard, dangerous job it was, and instead of arguing she merely smiled. "I know.
That's why you're going to have to take good care of me."

The barricade collapses, and the head vampire strides in and gloats over Penwood--until he realizes
that the entire room has been wired to explode. He panics and shoots Penwood several times, but Penwood grimaces and thumbs down the button on the detonator. Penwood has one final thought of the
young, trusting Integra before everything goes white.

Walter and Integra are on the road, with their communications tuned to Penwood's control room. They hear the radio go to static.
Suddenly Walter pulls over, and tells Integra to take the wheel and drive for her life. She asks what's wrong, but Walter won't answer. He stands in the street and stares ahead to the fires in the distance, where a silhouetted
figure is moving towards him.  Integra climbs into the driver's seat, orders Walter to return no matter what, and drives off.
She drives fast and skillfully, but the vampires recognize her and pursue her on foot, every bit as fast as the speeding vehicle. They shoot at her with automatic weapons and then rocket launchers, and soon her car is blown off the road grinds to a halt. Vampires approach the crashed vehicle. The first one to get close is cut in half by Integra's sword, and she lights a cigar and dares the rest to come and get her.
They look about to oblige when a flurry of papers bursts out of the night, heralding the unexpected arrival of Alexander Anderson. Anderson sneers at Integra, laughs, and calls on his comrades, while the stunned vampires look on. They recognize Anderson, are a little awed, and could only be more taken aback by the arrival of the gunwoman Heinkel, Yumie the mad, katana-using nun, and hundreds of armed Iscariot soldiers. Iscariot swears themselves to their task of destruction and they start exterminating the undead.

Integra looks on, leaning against a wall. The adrenalin rush has passed and she's plainly tired as hell. She's been saved from Millennium, that's true, but now she seems to be in the hands of Iscariot...

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