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Crossroad: A Hellsing OVA Fansite

The Hellsing OVA

OVA (n.) An abbreviation of Original Video Animation. An animated title released straight to video, usually characterized by high production values, uncensored content, and a continuous, complex plot.
"Hellsing Ultimate OVA Series- Action/horror at its bloody best... Hellsing Ultimate OVA Series threatens to be even more gruesome than its predecessor, with the promise of lush visuals from the animators at SATELIGHT Inc."    Geneon

Hellsing OVA 1 (Limited Edition). © Geneon.
Hellsing OVA 1 (Limited Edition). Geneon.

For those just now arriving...
In 2001 an animated series was created, based on a Japanese manga called Hellsing. The series combined shadowy art with action and horror, intriguing characters, and a gritty soundtrack. It was praised as one of the most stylish animes ever seen.
But when it was under production, the manga it was based on wasn't complete - material for future episodes hadn't even been written yet. In the end, the series finished with unexplored plotlines and a cliffhanger ending.
Fans of the series wanted more - didn't see how there could NOT be more. Repeatedly they asked: Won't there be a second season? The news didn't look good; rumor had it that the manga author hadn't been pleased with the show and wasn't going to push to get it animated again. It looked as if this series would be all that the fans would get.
The series was released on DVD and sold well, and the manga continued its successful run. In 2003 the TV series aired on a US cable channel, and Hellsing acquired new fans, adding to the chorus of requests for more. Years passed.
Then, in April 2005, the news broke at a trade show.
Geneon Entertainment announced that they were collaborating on a Hellsing Ultimate OVA - Original Video Animation - which would be based on the Hellsing manga series.
The reactions were quite enthusiastic.
"This is awesome news, more Alucard! I can't wait!"
"Are you guys sure? Is this REALLY happening?!" 
When the first OVA came out, everyone was sure. Hellsing was back, better and bloodier than ever!
Hellsing OVA 2 (Basic Edition). Geneon.
This fansite is an informative guide to the Hellsing Original Video Animation (OVA). You will find news, screenshots, reviews, current release schedules, info on the cast and crew, and series background here.
Take a look at the navigation bar on the left, and decide what you want to see first.

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All images Geneon Entertainment.