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This site is all about time. Time frames and time lines. Memories of the past  and dreams of the future. The times of our lives !

This site was designed by Rodger Jones and was launched in August of 2009, for the benefit of all former members of the Army Security Agency, but especially for a core group of ASA members with whom I served at TUSLOG Det 4, Sinop, Turkey, in 1968.

That intrepid group of DLIWC graduates consists of Jim Bryson, Bill Cowan, Chester Dryke, Ron Hoke, Bob Nimmerfroh and your host, Rodger Jones.
Эти мужчины высоко обучались радио-техники. Их миссия была к  перехватите российские радио-коммуникации в области Черного моря.
This is a very High Tech web site. The Home page is readable by anyone who chances upon this site. All other pages, excepting the Voice Print Identification Page, are Password Protected. Gaining full access to this secure site is not a difficult process, but involves four security eschelons, each of which is digitally encrypted.  Review the written instructions and the voice prompts common to the Voice Print Identification page, for detail about how to apply for full admission to this site.                                              

This site contains  intense  content  and is best  viewed using a high speed DSL internet connection.  Furthermore,  each page of this  web site is heavilly  Audio Enhanced.  Ensure  that  your computer is audio activated, since  otherwise,  you will not be able to hear the music associated with each page.

This site recognizes the  "Jim Bryson Finished Project"  theorem. In essence, that theorem states that nothing worthwhile should ever be finished. I hope this project is never finished, but evolves.

This site will be updated frequently,  to change graphics or music or when a significant event suggests an update is needed.

I need your assistance in developing this interactive site and I  would be very receptive to any news or content that  you might submit. Since this is my first attempt to build a web site, I would appreciate all comments and suggestions about the site and any improvements you may recommend.

STAY TUNED  for further development !