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This is "the main drag" of DLIWC - circa 1967

                                      The following has been submitted by Ron Hoke

      More gleanings from letters home…..this time from DLIWC.
06/03/67      Reported in wearing civies since uniforms in
                    delayed baggage on airline. No one seemed 
                    to care. The place is described as a “country
                    club” and men aren’t exactly “Gung-ho”.
06/04/67      Routine of going into town without signing in
                    pass book seems to be the common thing to
                    do. Nobody cares anyway.  
06/08/67      Until  language classes begin, I  have  been                                             assigned to work at the book supply building,
                    packing books for shipment. Hours are 8-11:15,
06/17/67      Old warehouse on cannery row burned.
                         There is a Pop festival with lots of flower children
                    at the fairgrounds. 
                          (Note inserted by Rodger  -  this was the  famous 
                          Monterey Pop Festival.  It was notable for hosting 
                          the first American appearances by The Who and 
                          Jimi  Hendrix, and  also  for the first  major public
                          performances  of Janis Joplin and  Otis  Redding.
                          If any of us had been there,  we would  have been
                          part of history.
                    Word from a guy in the 24th week of the course
                    (and who had a 5 year college degree in Russian)
                    is that they are now in new material for him.
07/05/67      Finished book supply detail. Orientation for
                    classes is tomorrow.
07/07/67      Class orientation at the Barn. Stats for incoming
                    class supposed to be as follows: 44% have
                    1.5 years of college and 42% have a degree. 
                    Avg. IQ…146!?
07/10/67      Dept. head says learning Russian is only
                    95% memorization. We were given twenty 
                    two instructional books.
07/11/67      Classes started today with writing, vocabulary
                    and dialogues.  Required study hall  is from
07/13/67      Typical class day has 2 hours of lab and the
                     rest is recitation in a class of eight, with an
                     instructor. There is a quiz every day and a
                     dialogue to memorize daily.
07/27/67      Third week tests.
08/02/67      Only 40 left in class of the original 50.
08/12/67      County fair in Monterey.
08/18/67      Six week tests.
08/22/67      Hoke has little chat with chief of Russian 
                    department and is advised gently to  get
                    his behind in gear.  68% not good enough
                    and have 3 weeks to get to 70% or else.
08/28/67      Notified that Christmas break will be from
                    12/20 to 1/3 only.
09/05/67      Back from trip to LA. Nesbitt let me use his Corvair.
09/21/67      Personnel shuffled and B-3 is now a Russian
                    only barracks. Hoke  has a new cubie from
09/24/67      Monterey raked by remnants of Hurricane Beulah.
09/28/67      New head beggar holding weekly inspections.
09/29/67      12th week tests and flu shots on the same day.
10/08/67      Rumors about overseas assignments are
                    flying. The possibilities include Germany,
                    Turkey in a desert and Alaska on an iceberg.
                    Hoke still borderline after twelve weeks.
10/20/67      Eight dropouts from language training sent to 
                    the Presidio at San Francisco for nine months
                    OJT on computers and data processing.
                    We have a new “Green Beanie” platoon sgt.
                    from Kentucky.  He’s much too army and is
                    getting on the nerves of the students.  Everyone
                    is hoping he flunks out quickly and finds a rice
                    paddy to play in.
11/08/67      Christmas break is to begin a day earlier.
                    18 week tests tomorrow. Black cat hanging
                    out around barracks.
11/15/67      Hoke gets 72% on written test and 75% on
                    oral which keeps him around for another 6
                    weeks. Rest of class is helping by lowering
                    the curve.
12/15/67      Russian department moved up the hill to
                    new classrooms. It’s either walk up the 3/8
                    mile Ho Chi Minh trail or hitch a ride with 
                    someone with a car.
                    Christmas break….took a prop charter Electra
                    for a really rough ride through a storm to  
                    Chicago and back. Flight back was much
01/09/68      Everybody survives 24 week tests.
01/13/68      The class split in half for 8 week dictation
                    experiment. Hoke is in half that will have
                    the dictation speed gradually accelerated.
01/19/68      Two more weeks of dialogs and then we
                    start narrating our own stories.
01/24/68      Green Beanie loses it in barracks…jumped
                    on one guy with his boots and turned a
                    bed over on another…replaced by a Navy
02/01/68      Dictation speed is up and earphones are
                    flying. Hoke in the middle of the experimental
                    group. Hoke in a room in the barracks???  
                    Squad leaders (Hoke included) on extra duty 
                    Sat. AM with Sgt. “Alex” due to dirty floors in 
02/09/68      It is official…we’re going to Goodfellow AFB in 
                    Texas for training prior to shipping overseas. 
                    Had a two hour overseas orientation at the 
                    Barn. Presenting officer not amused by our 
                    cavalier attitudes.
02/16/68      Rifle qualifying at Ft. Ord.

02/24/68      Tear gas session at Ft. Ord.
03/06/68      Dictation experiment draws to close.
03/19/68      Got orders. Travel time April 4-10. April
                    10-July 23 School at Goodfellow AFB, San 
                    Angelo, Texas. Leave. August 26-late Nov. 
                    before a school scheduled at Ft. Meade, 
                    Maryland, and then one year in Sinop,Turkey.
                    Orders breakdown for class assignments: 6 to
                    Sinop, 6 to Rothswaben, 4 to Berlin, 1 to
                    Tokyo, 4 extended for 37 more weeks of 
                    Arrangements made for Hoke, Richard Ingalls
                    and Cowan to ride with Jones to San Angelo.
                    Hoke meets trio at Indianapolis and everybody
                    takes turns driving. We drove straight through 
                    with a short stay overnight at a low budget
                    motel somewhere in Oklahoma.

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