After getting the family and serious employment established in the 1960's, I needed a bike again, so found this 1950's BSA Star 250 single, which was promptly turned into a dirt bike. Note the large stump-puller sprocket. But I soon tired of having to heave that heavy thing out of difficult situations in creeks and mud holes, so took to the pavement, for easier rolling and cleaner feet. 
Sometime in the late 1960's, an acquaintance made available to me a basket-case Triumph 650 Speed Twin, of 1951 vintage, which was the real deal for highway travel.  A big British vertical twin still sounds better than any Harley. 
This bike had what was called a spring rear hub, a type of construction which allowed the rear wheel to travel up and down over bumps, before the common use of swing arm suspension.  That soon went out of favor, because just a little wear back there made the bike handle squirrely.
I scared myself a few times, and sold it before getting hurt on the road.  I wish I could have kept that one, though.  The new banana seat, high riser bars, and polished aluminum and chrome was everything in the 1960's.
I bought a new Greeves 175 Enduro, of British assembly, with Villiers 2-cycle engine (Italian), hardly more than half the weight of the old BSA.  It was light enough to carry it out of where ever you shouldn't have ridden it in the first place.  I became interested in Observed Trials riding.  That is a competition where one rides very difficult terrain, being scored and without using feet for balance.  I learned a lot on the Greeves, but needed a proper Trials bike to be competitive.
In 1971 got rid of the Greeves, and found a used 250 Bultaco Sherpa T, which stands for 'Trials'.  Spanish built, a world famous bike in Trials circles, now I could have no excuses.  With lots of practice, I entered a number of competitions north around Cincinnati.  Age was against me in declining aptitude, so I had to enter "Jack Benny" and "Over Forty" competitions.  I stayed with it long enough to trophy a couple times, just to prove I could do it.  Trials Competition is to Chess, as trail riding is to checkers.  Great sport and thoroughly satisfying.  Relatively safe, as motorcycling goes.