Germany Trip


Oh yeah, another trip, another page of pictures. This trip however, we didn't visit anything touristy, save for the Verdun Battlefield area in France, and the Rhine River and it's castles. The weather was a bit cold, and very snowy for the part of Germany we were in. We left Ft Wayne, Indiana on American Airlines on 10 February, 2005, and we returned to Ft Wayne on 19 February. Our connecting flights were in Chicago, and we rode a 767 on both flights between O'Hare and Frakfurt. American Airlines was great in servicing our needs on our return trip, as they made arrangements for assistance to get my father through customs and security so we could catch our scheduled flight to Ft Wayne.

This trip, I took less than 520 pictures, and lots of them were of poor quality due in most part to poor natural lighting. I took a lot of pics of the area around the place we stayed, the Ferienwohnungen "Haus am Limes" owned by the family Truckenmüller. Although they didn't speak much English, they're more than just gracious hosts, and we plan on staying there again whenever we travel to Central Germany. My wife Charlene and my sister Mary Seifert went off on their own for three days to Dortmund. They visited the cathedral at Köln, but Charlene didn't have to camera, as I did, so no pictures from there. On our next trip in a few years, we hope to visit the Cathedrals of the Rhine. We did vist the cathedral located at Freiburg Am Breisgau, but the interior lighting was non-existant, and the flash didn't do a good enough job. So no interior pictures that were suitable for posting.

For the pictorial review of this trip, I'll do pages of sights we visted, instead of a daily journal format like the last trip review. Each picture will have a paragrapgh describing what it is.

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