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Brewing and Beverage Links Numerous Links for all types of historic beverages
Cindy Renfrow Author of books on ancient and medieval cooking and brewing Many links on the following subjects: Barrels & Casks; Botany; Brewing; Embroidery; Food; Culinary gleanings from Gerard's Herbal; Historical Information; Merchants; Miscellaneous; Re-enactment
Home Wine & Beer Trade Association The Home Wine & Beer Trade Association is a group of over 400 retailers and wholesalers from eleven countries. Established in 1979, the association strives to promote the responsible growth of the home wine & beer making industry.
Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage
The Real Cider and Perry Page This is 'Real' Cider and Perry in the same way as the 'Campaign for Real Ale' is 'Real' Ale. i.e. traditional styles, traditionally brewed. This page has information on maling traditional Cider and Perry. It has lists of appropriate apples and pears and their characteristics. There are also lists of Cider and Perry producers (in the UK). There are also recipes, plans for cider presses and mills and a list of books on the subject. Unfortunately, the information on how to sell your homebrewed cider and perry is valid only in the UK.
The Wittenham Hill Cider Portal This portal takes you to a whole load of information about small-scale cider making. Here you can learn how to grow cider apples, how to process them into cider juice, how to ferment it into hard cider, and how to bottle and store the cider. Later, you can learn how to tweak the process to make it just what you want - dry or sweet, fizzy or flat. There's sections on unfermented apple juice and on cider vinegar too. There's even a bit of history - these fellows are from the17th century!

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